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The Crash of 2008: Save us, O Math Whizzes and Camel Jumpers

Are you good at math? Can you do calculations in your head? Did you get A’s in all your math courses? Then I gaze upon you with the same admiration I feel for the Champion Camel Jumper in a tiny village in Yemen who, and I kid you not, jumped clean over six camels from … Continue reading

What Happens when Nations Default?

What Happens when Nations Default? Life goes on. According to bankers, defaulting on national debt ushers in Armageddon, the end of the world, nothing left but ashes under the feet of the cockroaches, the only creatures that could survive such a catastrophe. Words such as “crisis” “emergency” and “cliff” are daily used in news stories … Continue reading

Conspiracy Theories and the Collective Unconscious

Following 9/11 and the crash of 2008, the Conspiracy Theory Industry, naturally enough, went into high gear. I say “naturally enough” because it is quite normal for human beings to seek an explanation for major disasters, and quite normal for them to do so by consulting with one another. Jared Diamond, in his study of … Continue reading

The “Free Market” Fantasy

Free market fantasy: “As if Alan Greenspan and Ayn Rand were somehow on a desert island very selfishly deciding how to barter and make a profit off each other… May they each win.”–Economist Michael Hudson In his book, “23 Things They Don’t Tell You about Capitalism” South Korean economist Ha Joon-Chang debunks the current free … Continue reading

Why the lower middle class hates the poor and votes against its own interests

Why the 1% demonizes the poor is no mystery. It’s not even that they hate them; they don’t care enough about them to hate them. They just use them to deflect attention away from their pocket-picking. The real mystery is why do lower middle class folks, especially RedState folks, who skate on the ragged edge … Continue reading

WHY do you live? On never giving up

Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist who survived the Nazi concentration camps, asked a shocking question of his patients after he was released: “Why don’t you kill yourself?” Frankl’s short, moving book Man’s Search for Meaning should be required reading for every human being on the planet. In the Nazi camps, they lost everything: clothes, papers, jewelry, … Continue reading