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Change is Inevitable

Change is inevitable. Except from vending machines. We put a lot of effort into figuring out how the world works and then the dang world changes. Since I live in a retirement village, I am surrounded by folks who not only dislike change, they refuse to acknowledge it. After all, their worldview has kept them … Continue reading

Creativity and Coronavirus

Creativity and Coronavirus I’ve always said humans are born creative and it’s not only for fashion and home decorating but for survival. When I teach art, beginners say they are not creative and I try to convince them that they are; what they really mean is, they lack skill. But any artistic skill is the … Continue reading

Pine Needle Tea for Flu?

Pine Needle Tea for Flu? Decades ago, I was helping a man who had a bad case of flu, the upper respiratory kind. “I need pine top tea,” he insisted. “How about some Nyquil?” I asked, never having heard of pine top tea. Don’t they get turpentine from pine trees? Turpentine doesn’t sound very healing. … Continue reading

Is Corona Virus the New Bubonic Plague?

Bubonic plague is caused by a bacteria named Yersinia Pestis, but it was unnamed for most of it’s worst years, because who would believe tiny, invisible bugs killed so many? Sounds like superstition or a hair-brained conspiracy theory. Everyone knew plague was caused by Miasma, stinking air, sort of poison gas. Or maybe foreigners, vagabonds, … Continue reading