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Real Difference Between Lefties and Conservatives

My brothers are conservatives; they tell me I am “Left of Mao,” but then they say that about anybody left of…them. This makes for interesting family reunions. They gather in a group and confirm each other’s biases while I torment them with jokes and snark. Since I love my brothers, I have spent a lot … Continue reading

A rant about conservative hypocrisy

I joke around about being poor, I say poverty is relative. My friends and family say I am alarmingly poor, so perhaps that’s (relatively) true. Do I write about social justice because I envy the rich? NO. I not only wrote about social justice, but worked on the front lines for social justice for twenty … Continue reading

Where’d You Get That Idea? Class War

When you listen to conservative pundits, keep your ear tuned for echoes of their nostalgia for the rigid class divisions which existed in England (the motherland!) around 500 years ago. Class divisions set in concrete were regarded as the only way to peace, prosperity and harmony in society. If you were born into a given … Continue reading

Fox News: How Fear Makes You Stupid

Let’s say a huge angry bull escapes from the livestock auction and blasts into your backyard-(this actually happened to me when I lived on a farm.) It is quite appropriate to stop contemplating Plato’s Republic, scoop up the kids and dash for the safety of the house. The fight-or-flight system kicks in; digestion halts, heart … Continue reading