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A Homeless Kid Success Story

Tall and painfully thin, Bryan sat hunched over miserably; looking down at his hands as he endured the job interview. It wasn’t much of a job I was offering him, just twenty hours a week in a government-funded program paying minimum wage. But to Brayn it must have looked like a life and death opportunity-which … Continue reading

The River of Life Flows On…

How is your week going? Good, I hope. My new laptop is here-yay! Full of bloatware-boo. What is bloatware? A bazillion icons for special offers that stubbornly appears at startup on new computers. What the…? I just want to get to work. Mica: Hey, why aren’t using your new computer? Me: I’ve been trying to … Continue reading

Rest in Peace, Laptop

By this point in history, we have all experienced the demise of our computer; the dreaded day when it just can’t be revived by any gymnastic geek tricks. It’s gone, kaput, perished. Yesterday my workhorse laptop gave up the ghost in the machine. It had been ill, it wasn’t a surprise, but the death of … Continue reading