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You were adopted

Today was the day Trevor was told, “You were adopted.” It had to happen someday, and certainly it’s better at age six than age thirty, right? Why now? “He’s starting school in the fall and in this town everyone is so obsessed with color, they’ll ask him why he’s a different color than his parents,” … Continue reading

Jews and Arabs Refuse to be Enemies

Two days ago I saw a little news blurb about a priest in Palestine who told his Muslim neighbors that “If your mosque is blown up, use our church for your prayers.” This made me smile, this sounds like a real Christian. Today the hashtag #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies has gone viral with photos of Jews and Arabs…refusing … Continue reading

Who told US leaders: You are lying when you claim to be Christian?

Here’s a riddle: Who wrote this letter to the U.S. government? 1.)  Mahatma Gandhi 2.)  Martin Luther King 3.)  Mother Teresa 4.)  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 5.)  None of the above, Je’, you made it up. “The leaders of arrogance are lying, too. Some of them pretend to be Christian and at times even go to church. … Continue reading

Jewish Victimhood-Quit Blaming the Christians

You knew a kid like this in elementary school: He bragged all the time, bullied little kids, cheated at marbles, formed a little group of similar jerks and when someone complained, he whined that everyone was ganging up on him. He was so good at this that the teachers often believed him. That’s how I … Continue reading

Apocalypse Always

Most cultures have an end-of-the world-story and these stories are still having a powerful effect on real events right now. An unusual series of lunar eclipses will take place soon (visible from north America) and the apocalypse industry is taking full advantage. This is it! The end of the world! They quote from Joel and … Continue reading