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How to Handle Controlling People

We’re all going to run into them; they seek to parasitize our personhood, to suck our soul; yet they may be unaware of what they are up to and we may just be left confused, hurt, or, worse case scenario, we may submit to their domination. I do recognize controlling behavior, be it ever so … Continue reading

On Healthy Boundaries: Saying “No”

How is your week going? Good, I hope. I’m always honored when a young person asks my advice, especially on something as personal as relationships. So when it happened yesterday, I was careful to listen much and speak little, since I know so little. I may only know two things about relationships: If you love … Continue reading

Be Like a Zebra: Take No Crap

Zebras take no crap. I love this photo of a zebra because it captures her attitude so perfectly. I think I’ll turn it into a Tshirt. I like to watch nature documentaries but hate the parts where some creature is tearing some other creature apart. I remember one about herds crossing a certain river and … Continue reading

Grandma on boundaries

Being the only girl amongst sixteen neighborhood boys, I did all the things the boys did and I did a lot of them better. I climbed trees, fought wars, caught snakes and played a mean game of baseball. In those days girls weren’t allowed to play in Little League and they weren’t supposed to do … Continue reading