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What is Your Priority?

Like a Little Child Christians usually have a favorite Bible verse or two and one of mine is Jesus speaking to a crowd. He called a toddler to him and said “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” He said we will never … Continue reading

Straining out gnats and swallowing camels-Evolution vs Creation Debate

As a lover of science, a student of ancient texts, and a Christian who was taught both evolution and the creation story in Catholic high school, I am hereby throwing my two cents into the absurd Creation vs. Evolution debate. There are lots of creation stories around the world and they are all wonderful-each one … Continue reading

Beauty Passing Swiftly By…

Pastor Pat, who was a farmer before he was a preacher, once said, “If the world seems dark, if life stinks, if you feel like you are always going in circles-try taking your head out of your butt.” I know it’s not the kind of sermon you might hear in a fancy church, but Pat … Continue reading

History Lesson: The more things change the more they stay the same

The turmoil in Iraq, Libya, Syria and (coming soon to) Afghanistan are good examples of SNAP. SNAP! That’s the sound of a stretched society either breaking or snapping back to its original form. We may think that great revolutions have fundamentally changed societies, but if you follow them for over time, you will find that … Continue reading

Science, History, the Bible and the Quest for Certainty

Let’s face it, humans crave certainty, and who can blame them? For 200,000 years, humans lived as hunter-gatherers, who were, and still are, very conservative when it comes to change.(1)  Hey, if it has worked forever to keep us alive, why mess with it? When one worldview was challenged, as must have happened when the … Continue reading

On Miracles-and one I witnessed

“Miracle” is the word we give to unusual events for which we have no explanation. To dismiss the possibility of a miracle is absurd for the following reason: Unusual events do occur for which we have no explanation. An airplane flying over a remote village of hunter-gatherers is an unusual event for which they have … Continue reading

Woe to You, Rightwing Christian Leaders, Hypocrites!

I was an adult before I became a Christian and first read the Bible. I was shocked by much of what I read, because I had been sold the “gentle Jesus, meek and mild” narrative. Jesus was meek and mild with ‘honest’ adulterers, whores and worst of all-tax collectors. But he was plenty tough on … Continue reading

My Perky “Spanish” Daughter

To raise a biracial child in Deepsouth is to live in interesting times. Recently a customer left a note for my daughter’s employer, praising her excellent customer service skills. A brief excerpt:”A very perky young Spanish girl took my order…this young lady was amazing. She was one of the best servers I ever met…she was … Continue reading

Critical Thinking Downhome Style

“We’d like the answer to life, the universe and everything. We’d really like an answer. Something simple.” Douglas Adams, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy I was afflicted with the western quest for certainty most of my life. The quest for certainty is why we quote authorities, spout talking points and print bumper stickers. The very worst … Continue reading

The Real Jesus

I was reading an article recently about the radicalism of Jesus. It was an interview of a Muslim by a Jewish atheist-strange choice for expert opinions on Jesus. I also recently read an article by Richard Dawkins on religion. Gee, how about Pope Francis on molecular biology? I am a generic Christian (after “Christian” I … Continue reading