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Some Things are So Beautiful I Forget to Breathe

Have you been underwater and seen a school of minnows flash in the sun? I used to live near various springs in central Florida and you could catch tropical fish for your tank from the spring runs. The water was as clear as air. I once dove underwater and scared a school of minnows, who … Continue reading

Why Did the Cavemen Paint?

Cavemen painted for the same reason all humans make art: They wanted to communicate: I was here. I saw this. I thought it was beautiful. What do you think? The question draws in the viewer, a viewer that they would never meet but that that they imagined. I study history so much I’ve concluded that … Continue reading

Booty-full Women?

The ideal amount of fat a female should carry around has, to say the least, changed from time to time. From the corpulent Venus of Willendorf to Twiggy is a great gulf fixed. “Do these jeans make my butt look big?” is a frequent lead-in to punch lines and a dilemma for husbands, who must … Continue reading