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Chapel Hill Murders-Are we finally waking up?

Yesterday a militant atheist shot dead three students in Chapel Hill, NC who happened to be Muslim. This time there is a public outcry. Are we waking up? I say “this time” because right after 911, Sikhs were killed and assaulted in the US because some yahoos wanted revenge and the target for these idiots … Continue reading

Science says atheists don’t exist

Science says atheists don’t exist, they just choose a different Ultimate Value than others. The god that I hear militant fundamentalist atheists rail against is a big old dude, riding on the clouds with his finger poised over the “Smite” button. They don’t like him. I don’t either. This is the old sky god that … Continue reading

The God of Davy Jones

When I was a an atheist, I thought I was the brave one. No false comforts for me! I face extinction stoically, I face the meaninglessness of life like a trooper. I didn’t go as far as many atheists do today and find meaning in life by rubbing my superiority into the faces of believers. … Continue reading