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But What About the Money?!

But What About the Money?! Hilarious satire in The Onion yesterday, in which Federal Reserve chairman Bernanke was giving a report to congress in the midst of this pandemic. “The U.S. economy ceased to function this week after unexpected existential remarks by Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke shocked Americans into realizing that money is, in … Continue reading

God is just a mental construct? No paycheck for you then

I have to laugh when atheists dismiss God as “just a mental construct.” God is just something you made up in your head,” they say, ” your imaginary friend,” implying that anyone who believes such things is  childish. They claim that THEY only rely on truth, which they limit to hard, scientific evidence. This is … Continue reading

Jesus, Jihad and Jewish Genocides

“Read the Quran’” they told me. So I did and found it repetitious and contradictory. “Ah” they said, “That is because you have to read it in Arabic and have it interpreted by experts.” Experts? WHICH experts? As a student of ancient literature, I find these conditions very fishy-a classic setup for establishing men, fallible … Continue reading

Richard Dawkins: Professional Atheist

Ye young and angry Near and far Join me in my specimen jar   Oh ye who hate authority Abandon them! And follow ME.   You do not love You have no self Now join me high up on my shelf   Together we can All look down On lesser humans Crawling round   We … Continue reading

No, Religion is NOT the Enemy

You can choose any group of human beings and, focusing only on selected actions, you can make them out to be evil. This is because let’s face it, human beings sometimes do evil things. Throughout my life time I have witnessed a constant demonization of Christians. Christians are charlatans, destroy native cultures, control their people … Continue reading

What is “Real?”

That seems like a simple question, but the answer is rather startling. Materialists say what is real is what can be detected with the senses. I see you, so you are real. I can also touch you and hear you, so, yup, you are real, all right. Are you real if I can’t detect you … Continue reading

Silly Things Atheists Say

I just read an article on an alternative news site titled, “Religion is important to understand.” The author has noticed that under obfuscating theological jargon, the religions of all humans have many things in common. I have noticed this, too. He lists several possible ‘explanations’ for the existence of this phenomenon, but leaves one out: … Continue reading

Wide Open and Free

I confess I like pagans, atheists and anarchists, having adhered to all of those philosophies at some point in my life. I don’t agree with them, but I feel where they’re coming from. It’s about freedom and we all love freedom. The hitch comes when a philosophy doesn’t set you free, but rather boxes you … Continue reading

A Rant on Galileo, Columbus and Bill Nye

Recently a debate between Bill Nye, the science guy, and the dude who runs the Creation Museum was televised. My nephew, an astrophysicist, was asked to comment on this and he said science and religion are coming from different places and the debate was pointless. This sound bite was not used. The debate was not … Continue reading

What is the Best Religion?

Apparently this question is often googled, which implies that the spiritual impulse has not departed from the soul of human beings, but human beings now feel that they have choices in how to express it. But then what is religion? If you google that you come up with many variations, most reflecting a western idea: … Continue reading