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The Ball-Biting, Snake-Eating King of the Jungle, the Honey Badger

I watched a video of honey badgers kicking the butts of not just one, but six lions. Actually, the grown lions knew better, but the teenagers thought the little badgers looked tasty. Oops-live and learn. They have a thick, loose coat, so when some big thing bites them, they whip around inside their coat and … Continue reading

To Your Mental Health!

How is your week going? Good, I hope. I have a theory that most people are tired and stressed and can’t handle any more negative news. What do you think? Since I want to be helpful, I try not to put any negative news on this blog. I put it on my other blog, Truthscooper. … Continue reading

The Long Winter Ends

I understand, on a gut level, the theme of death and rebirth so prominent in even stone age religions. In the fall, mysteriously, the plants wither and the color departs and the long winter sets in. Death all around. What if spring never returns? And so, many ancient peoples held New Year celebrations with various … Continue reading

Yesterday, Down on the Farm

Having grown up on a farm, I always felt privileged. Visiting my friends in their fancy houses in the suburbs, I was stricken with compassion (and claustrophobia) by the size of their yards. Why, there was another house right next to theirs! And where could they pasture their pony? And what can you DO in … Continue reading

The Three Weirdos: For those who don’t quite fit in

Hope your week is going well. ­čÖé I am three-quarters done with the latest critical-thinking comic book for beginning readers. Every time I think, “Dang this is taking forever,” (which is every few hours) I remember that from start to finish, Lord of the Rings took J.R.R. Tolkein seventeen years.┬á┬áSeventeen years! The Three Weirdos is … Continue reading

Surprised by dogs long dead

I have been working on a painting for the next Magic Barn book about the piglets, who were very rebellious and often escaped and roamed about, though their mother was frantically calling for them to come back. I added the banty hens, the cat, the hollyhocks and morning glories and what the heck, why not … Continue reading