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Qanon: Why?

Qanon is an apocalyptic cult whose desire is to execute political opponents, which they believe will result in a safe, peaceful and orderly world. Apocalyptic cults have sprung up throughout history in times of national stress. The world is so bad and the forces of evil so secret and nefarious, that the only solution is … Continue reading

Dobbin’s High Hopes

Dobbin’s High Hopes Have you ever noticed that potential tragedies, when they turn out OK become funny? Like when my baby brother Mark fell out of a tree. He was about fifty feet up when he fell, hitting every branch on the way down. I dimly noted that it looked like a cartoon tree fall, … Continue reading

Do You Hate Masks?

While getting ready to go out early this morning, I realized with disgust that I had to put on a mask. The disgust told me that I secretly hate masks. They fog my glasses, restrict my breathing, and the ear loops are making my ears stick out like Dumbo. I admitted this to myself, but … Continue reading

Granny is a Socialist

Three of us allegedly elderly women were shooting the breeze last night under the stars. Betty passed a magazine to Carol. “Oh, thanks, I’ll give it back after I read it.” “What is it?” I asked. “Mother Jones,” Betty answered. “Oh, you little communists, you!” We all laughed. “I was just on Twitter,” I said. … Continue reading

Best Thing You Can Know About Alex Jones is Nothing At All.

Second Best Thing is That He’s a Liar For Hire. Alex Jones is a hypocritical, rage-filled liar for hire. Back in about 2009 I watched his show for awhile. His trick is to list legit grievances to get you saying, “Yes.”: Yes, crash of 2008, yes, the Cintons are shady, yes, the government has lied … Continue reading

Why Vaccine Resistance?

I’m taking entries for the most bats**t crazy vaccine conspiracy theories. Have you got one? My favorite so far is from small, isolated churches in the south who tell their congregations that the vaccine contains nanochips that enable the Antichrist to track you. Then if you disobey him, he can just push a button and … Continue reading

A Real Honor

What was your greatest honor? Have you earned awards and trophies? I vaguely remember being called to podiums and handed something for something I apparently did right. But I didn’t keep the awards and cannot now remember what they were for. My painting is St. Francis and the Sparrow. Francis was born rich, but renounced … Continue reading

Startled Armadillo

Why Did You Paint That, Je’? Why Not? We’ve all seen nine-banded armadillos bumping along in our garden or beside the road. That is the only kind that lives in North America, though over twenty different kinds live in South America. The giant armadillo can grow to five feet, including it’s tail, the adorable pink … Continue reading

Why has US ignored threat of domestic terrorism?

Why has US ignored threat of domestic terrorism? The recent trashing of the Capitol by Trump supporters is timidly being called domestic terrorism. The presidential oath includes the promise to protect and defend against threats “foreign AND domestic.” Nations get hot about foreign terrorists, and that’s understandable. We’re ready to go to war and apparently, … Continue reading

Georgia Senate Runoffs-street level view

Georgia Runoffs-Report from Georgia I happen to be visiting family in Georgia just before the Senate runoff vote which will determine the Senate majority for the next two years. What I see is weariness; 2020 has been a rough year. Most people I meet are so relieved Trump is out, they seem to be sinking … Continue reading