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Caffeine Withdrawal

Caffeine Withdrawal My son-in-law is an addictions counselor and when I told him I had experienced caffeine withdrawl in the past he got serious. “Caffeine withdrawal can be as bad as heroin withdrawal. Don’t quit cold turkey, ease off gradually.” We’re all different, our bodies are different and we react to drugs in various ways. … Continue reading

Forgiveness: the Key to Wholeness

I’m a Christian but just realized the two books that helped me most were not Christian books. One was Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning and the other is Forgiving the Unforgivable. I worked with inmates, at-risk youth, and others whose lives were not going well. What did they have in common? Two things: They … Continue reading

Who is that Masked Man?

Wearing Masks When Fully Vaccinated? I researched the vaccine thoroughly and finally got the shots. No problems, felt slightly sickish for four hours after the second one. My cab driver lectured me for twenty minutes on the government conspiracy that would now render me-what? Dead? Autistic? Sheepish? Nope, still alive and feisty. But the long-term … Continue reading

Girl on the Moors-An Allegory of Adolescence

I usually see something beautiful then paint it. But this time I only saw it in my head, which is very hard to photograph for reference. It was quite a struggle hauling it up from the depths; from the Land Below the Waves. Turns out it is an allegory, but that shouldn’t be too surprising … Continue reading

Falling Azaleas and the Voice of God

Azaleas falling “There’s something sad about the falling camellias,” a family member said. This spring, when the azaleas put on a glorious show, and then their fragile blooms carpeted the sidewalks with pink, we glimpsed that sadness. What is that something sad? Simply that it reminds us of time passing, the cycle of of budding, … Continue reading

Draffit Died and I Feel Sad

Draffit Died Draffit was a long haired black retriever mix from a rescue shelter. He died Wednesday. He was fourteen years old. My son and his wife had him all those years, through two babies and several cats. Old dogs die, I tell myself. Then why am I so sad? Memories. He was a fat … Continue reading

Goodbye Gas Powered Cars

None of us likes change, but change doesn’t care what we don’t like, it keeps happening anyway. There once was a time when we all walked everywhere. Then someone got the creative idea of riding horses instead of eating them. How about hooking a cart to horses? Horsepower! How about I can show off my … Continue reading

Dobbin’s High Hopes

Dobbin’s High Hopes Have you ever noticed that potential tragedies, when they turn out OK become funny? Like when my baby brother Mark fell out of a tree. He was about fifty feet up when he fell, hitting every branch on the way down. I dimly noted that it looked like a cartoon tree fall, … Continue reading

Do You Hate Masks?

While getting ready to go out early this morning, I realized with disgust that I had to put on a mask. The disgust told me that I secretly hate masks. They fog my glasses, restrict my breathing, and the ear loops are making my ears stick out like Dumbo. I admitted this to myself, but … Continue reading

Granny is a Socialist

Three of us allegedly elderly women were shooting the breeze last night under the stars. Betty passed a magazine to Carol. “Oh, thanks, I’ll give it back after I read it.” “What is it?” I asked. “Mother Jones,” Betty answered. “Oh, you little communists, you!” We all laughed. “I was just on Twitter,” I said. … Continue reading