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I was thinking…

Sometimes my friends brace themselves when I say, “I was thinking…” They know thinking is a dangerous activity, unlike eating and gossiping, which most people seem to prefer. To sit around eating AND gossiping would be a very popular past time, I guess? I was thinking about gossip, actually. Since sounds travel away from us … Continue reading

I’ve Moved! Please visit me!

How is your week going? Good, I hope. I finally got the courage to move this whole blog to a paid site which will not torment you with intrusive ads. I’ve been worried that I would lose you, so please come visit me at the new place-it doesn’t have that “like” thing, so I’ll miss … Continue reading

What the Heck is “Civilization?”

We use the word all the time, but what the heck is “civilization” anyway? “Oh, it’s like the opposite of savagery, or barbarism, you know.” Then why do civilizations act so uncivilized? So savage and barbarous? It must mean something else. I like to study ancient history, so I often go to Youtube, that font … Continue reading

Personal Experiences with God

Originally posted on Truth Scooper:
I often talk with atheists, since atheists are human beings deserving of respect and I used to claim to be one. I say “claim” because if an atheist is defined as someone who is certain there is no God, then after awhile I had to admit that no can be…

No excuse for violence from professional law enforcement

I worked as a teacher in a 1,200-man prison and as a counselor in a privatized kid jail. I am a small, slim woman, not a Viking, and I paid close attention to the class on de-escalating tense situations. I paid close attention because I was either going to de-escalate a tense situation or run … Continue reading

We Shall Overcome and Here is Why

You just can’t keep a good Homo sapiens down, I tell you. On Twitter I often see people are…discouraged is too mild a word…how about hopeless and panicked? The human race is doomed, if the terra-ists don’t get us, the global warming will and there’s nothing we can do to stop the One World Government … Continue reading

How to Pass a Test from Hell

A young friend sought me out, crying, because she had just failed an online test. “I’m a failure! I’m doomed! I’m going to be thrown out of college!” “Whoa, calm down, what’s going on? You’re smart, something’s going on here. We’ll figure it out.” I was an adjunct professor for two colleges and designed  a … Continue reading

In Rockfall this morning Islam and Christianity met…and agreed

True story from my brother who lives in New England: I was talking to a Muslim man behind the counter at the Rockfall store and I told him I had to go shopping for groceries because when I have money I buy food for poor people, that Jesus tells me to do that, and we … Continue reading

Meet the Real Muslim Rage Boy

Originally posted on Welcome Travelers…:
Muslim Rage Boy meme How would you like to be turned into a meme? To have your photo plastered all over social media, on coffee mugs and T-shirts? Maybe you’re thinking, “Cool. How much will I get in royalties?” Nothing. You will get nothing in royalties. Furthermore you will be…

How have you been? I’ve missed you

Hey! How have you been? My computer is kapoot and I broke down and ordered a new one. I felt sure it must be in by now, but they haven’t shipped it yet! Me: what? Not shipped yet? Mica: It ‘s only been 2 days. Me: No, it must be a whole week! Mica: No, … Continue reading