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Janice the 76 year-old drug addict

  Janice was once a beautiful woman, smart, and funny. She had traveled to Kuwait and Spain to teach English and had been loved by her students. Jane was abused by her alcoholic father throughout her childhood and as often happens, she married an abusive man. Her vow to herself was that she would have … Continue reading

Morning in Paradise

Another Day in Paradise I ventured out to check out the weather and there were Debbie, my feisty, funny, one-legged friend and Margie, the athletic near-deaf lady with the fluffy Pomeranian, Tessa, which looks like a tiny, precious fox. I feel compelled to check the weather every morning because my farmer father felt weather was … Continue reading

Naked Pleasantville

Naked Pleasantville This place is touted as heaven on earth, Pleasantville complete with 1945 music and Norman Rockwell prints on the walls. There are 800 stories in Naked Pleasantville, and this is one of them. I saw Jeff moving out last night. He’s moving out to shack up with the latest lady he’s charmed. They … Continue reading