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Invisible Hand of the Market and Other Turbo Capitalist BS

Turbo capitalists are fond of quoting Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations,” while failing to read all of what he said. They cherry pick his “invisible hand” of the marketplace as sort of a transcendent religious doctrine proving that maximum profit at any cost benefits everyone. “Don’t try to regulate business! Don’t mess with the invisible … Continue reading

We’re All Totally Fed Up With Covid. But Covid Doesn’t Care.

We’re All Totally Fed Up With Covid. But Covid Doesn’t Care. I had the old-fashioned flu (yes, I was tested for Covid) and I recovered completely in a few days. My friend Cat was hospitalized for Covid and we were all joking about Cat having nine lives, but she died two days ago.   Corrine … Continue reading

Free Comic Book for Beginning Readers. Topic: Racism

I realize we don’t discuss racism with beginning readers; unless we ourselves are flaming racists parents, that is. I hate racism, which is the conviction that one “race” is superior to all others. Suspiciously, holders of this belief always choose their OWN race as the superior one. You never heard a racist claim that some … Continue reading

What Does Trump Have in Common With Charles Manson?

Charles Manson: murderous monster, right? But Manson claimed he never murdered anyone. Technically true, though he died in prison for murder. He was a scrawny, white trash loser who spent most of his life in jail for one crime after another. He blamed his upbringing and society for his crimes. It was his groupies who … Continue reading

Flesh-Burrowing Flea in Florida (Tunga Penetrans)

So imagine a flea that crawls instead of hops that lodges between your toes, burrowing in until only its booty hole sticks out of it’s blood-swollen body. Through it’s booty hole it breathes, mates and ejects strings of sticky eggs. Lovely, right? This is tunga penetrans, “penetrans” because it’s a penetrating flea. It is supposed … Continue reading

Why Government? I Never Signed a Social Contract!

    We are all aware that ‘governments’ tend to attract selfish sociopaths who try, by force or stealth, to siphon off the resources of the governed for their personal use. We call this “corruption” and we don’t like it, which is why the OOTs (Oligarchs On Top) use stealth when force might expose them. … Continue reading

I Got the Cone of Uncertainty Blues

I live in Florida, where news shows used to jack up their ratings by calling the projected path of a hurricane The Cone of Death. The Cone of Death is approaching Tampa! Pretty dramatic, aye? Trouble is, hurricanes do what they want and having sent the whole city of Tampa shrieking up I-75, the hurricane … Continue reading

Ghislane’s Crooked Father, Robert Maxwell

Ghislane’s Crooked Father, Robert Maxwell Robert Maxwell was born born Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch in Czechoslovakia in 1923. He moved to the U.K. and is rumored to have been connected to British and Israeli intelligence as well as the KGB. British intelligence, MI6, bought him a bookstore to get his start in publishing.   He … Continue reading

Why is the State Department Funding a Chinese Cult?

I kept seeing these ads for the Epoch Times, starring an obnoxious geek claiming to be the sole source of truth in this dangerous world. He is an annoying actor with a repulsive propaganda message and I wondered who was behind the Epoch Times. Falun Gong is behind the propaganda. Falung Gong is a spiritual … Continue reading

Trump: The gold-leafed plastic flamingo

Monument to Trump’s Make Atlantic City Great Again fail. The sculptor was never paid and it’s too heavy to move.  I was watching “Trump, An American Dream” on Netflix. The episode about his manic casino building in Atlantic City was interesting, because there is young Donald, bragging about how his will be the greatest and … Continue reading