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Ghislane’s Crooked Father, Robert Maxwell

Ghislane’s Crooked Father, Robert Maxwell Robert Maxwell was born born Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch in Czechoslovakia in 1923. He moved to the U.K. and is rumored to have been connected to British and Israeli intelligence as well as the KGB. British intelligence, MI6, bought him a bookstore to get his start in publishing.   He … Continue reading

Why is the State Department Funding a Chinese Cult?

I kept seeing these ads for the Epoch Times, starring an obnoxious geek claiming to be the sole source of truth in this dangerous world. He is an annoying actor with a repulsive propaganda message and I wondered who was behind the Epoch Times. Falun Gong is behind the propaganda. Falung Gong is a spiritual … Continue reading

Trump: The gold-leafed plastic flamingo

Monument to Trump’s Make Atlantic City Great Again fail. The sculptor was never paid and it’s too heavy to move.  I was watching “Trump, An American Dream” on Netflix. The episode about his manic casino building in Atlantic City was interesting, because there is young Donald, bragging about how his will be the greatest and … Continue reading

Ironies of Capitalism

Ironies of Capitalism Communists said capitalism would die due to it’s inherent contradictions. It was inevitable, they said. Yet they weren’t willing to wait for it’s inevitable collapse, because apparently, like many end-timers, they wanted to help the Inevitable get a freakin’ move on. John Maynard Keynes said, “Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of … Continue reading

Left vs. Right: Right ain’t right and there’s no Left left

Certain power-lusters have succeeded in dividing a whole nation into ‘left’ and “right.’ This is the old divide-and-conquer tactic and I guess we are a bit thick, because we keep falling for it. If you want power, keep the ruled fighting with each other, keep the emotions roiling, keep them blaming each other so they … Continue reading

Destroying Statues and Loot Thy Neighbor Chimp Wars

Destroying Statues and Loot Thy Neighbor Chimp Wars We erect monuments to the men (almost always men) who have, according to the ruling powers, advanced their cause. Their cause has not always been honorable, it has, more likely, been selfish and they twist the story to fit their agenda. This is the ‘history’ we are … Continue reading

Death by Cop-A Personal Story

I’m getting sick of folks denying, minimizing and rationalizing death by cop. “He pointed a taser at police, what were they supposed to do?” “He was shoplifting and ran. What were they supposed to do?” “One little incident and now outside agitators are making fake riots.” Let me tell you about a recent personal incident. … Continue reading

On the Current “Riots”

On the Current ‘Riots” In 1968 I watched the news and black folks were marching, carrying signs and the policemen were knocking them down with fire hoses and sicking dogs on them. “Why are they doing that?!” I asked “Because they are marching.” “But you can march and carry signs. That’s not against the law.” … Continue reading

How Covid Makes Cells Commit Suicide

How Covid Makes Cells Commit Suicide I’m not minimizing the suffering this damned virus has caused, but once again I am amazed at the complexity and wonder of our life processes. These things our cells produce called cytokines protect us from inflammation and attack by foreign invaders. Yay cytokines. But Covid, for some reason and … Continue reading

It Could Be Worse-Coronavirus

It Could Be Worse-Coronavirus Today they informed us of the first Covid case in the village. This afternoon they told us there are now two. These are in the assisted living building; high risk folks. The CDC came in and everyone is isolated, no visitors at all. This is a senior village and half the … Continue reading