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Fun With Stereotypes

Fun With Stereotypes       Stereotypes are now off limits; they are politically incorrect, don’cha know. But if we’re honest, we’ll admit that stereotypes develop with some little kernel of truth. A black colleague and I were ordering lunch. “Want the fried chicken?” “I don’t eat fried chicken.” “Don’t like it?” “It’s a stereotype … Continue reading

I Got the Cone of Uncertainty Blues

I live in Florida, where news shows used to jack up their ratings by calling the projected path of a hurricane The Cone of Death. The Cone of Death is approaching Tampa! Pretty dramatic, aye? Trouble is, hurricanes do what they want and having sent the whole city of Tampa shrieking up I-75, the hurricane … Continue reading

Painting Our Mood

Painting Moods I started this thing two weeks ago, when I was in a bad mood. I had a major heartbreaking disappointment and I wanted to distract myself so I painted this beach scene (24 X 36) with ugly threatening tree roots.                 Then I started feeling more … Continue reading

They Sure Loved Their Wives

 They loved their wives. They had that in common. Their beloved wives died and they spent twenty-two years working on projects to honor her memory. They had that in common. They both lived in India. They had that in common.   Other than those things, they could hardly have been more different. Dasrath Manjhi was … Continue reading

Trump: The gold-leafed plastic flamingo

Monument to Trump’s Make Atlantic City Great Again fail. The sculptor was never paid and it’s too heavy to move.  I was watching “Trump, An American Dream” on Netflix. The episode about his manic casino building in Atlantic City was interesting, because there is young Donald, bragging about how his will be the greatest and … Continue reading

Ironies of Capitalism

Ironies of Capitalism Communists said capitalism would die due to it’s inherent contradictions. It was inevitable, they said. Yet they weren’t willing to wait for it’s inevitable collapse, because apparently, like many end-timers, they wanted to help the Inevitable get a freakin’ move on. John Maynard Keynes said, “Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of … Continue reading

Left vs. Right: Right ain’t right and there’s no Left left

Certain power-lusters have succeeded in dividing a whole nation into ‘left’ and “right.’ This is the old divide-and-conquer tactic and I guess we are a bit thick, because we keep falling for it. If you want power, keep the ruled fighting with each other, keep the emotions roiling, keep them blaming each other so they … Continue reading

Destroying Statues and Loot Thy Neighbor Chimp Wars

Destroying Statues and Loot Thy Neighbor Chimp Wars We erect monuments to the men (almost always men) who have, according to the ruling powers, advanced their cause. Their cause has not always been honorable, it has, more likely, been selfish and they twist the story to fit their agenda. This is the ‘history’ we are … Continue reading

Are Bonfires Bad for Your Health?

  I smoke a pipe now and then, which in some circles, makes me a bad person. We’ve gotten a little unbalanced on this subject, since obesity and prescription drugs also kill people and we don’t talk much about that. Of course, as one should not impose their bad habits on others, I smoke outside. … Continue reading

That’s it! I’m going to quit procrastinating. Tomorrow

We probably all procrastinate when we have some unpleasant task to perform: Clean out the garage, finish the term paper, or in my case, organize my art supplies. Even now, when I say my supplies ARE organized, I see bottles of paint on the kitchen table and a magnifying glass on a bendy arm bolted … Continue reading