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Tonka Trucks and Imperialism

Tonka Trucks and Imperialism When I was a pre-schooler, my beleaguered mom dropped me off at some church nursery. I guess she wanted to go shopping without chasing my adventurous fanny down the street. I was content because the church had a room full of toys, including a Tonka truck, those glorious metal beauties. As … Continue reading

Invisible Hand of the Market and Other Turbo Capitalist BS

Turbo capitalists are fond of quoting Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations,” while failing to read all of what he said. They cherry pick his “invisible hand” of the marketplace as sort of a transcendent religious doctrine proving that maximum profit at any cost benefits everyone. “Don’t try to regulate business! Don’t mess with the invisible … Continue reading

It’s O.K. To Be Sad if Your Friend Died

It’s O.K. To Be Sad if Your Friend Died That’s what I keep reminding myself. I have a theory that depression can kill you and negativity can make you sick. So I’m pretty good at finding the bright side of life and making people see the humor in any situation. Yes, that aggravates the crap … Continue reading

We’re All Totally Fed Up With Covid. But Covid Doesn’t Care.

We’re All Totally Fed Up With Covid. But Covid Doesn’t Care. I had the old-fashioned flu (yes, I was tested for Covid) and I recovered completely in a few days. My friend Cat was hospitalized for Covid and we were all joking about Cat having nine lives, but she died two days ago.   Corrine … Continue reading

Freedom Fighter, Collaborator, and “Oh S**t, I’m Just Keeping My Head Down?”

Invading, looting and enslaving your neighbors has been a social norm for thousands of years. Although it is, at it’s essence, armed robbery, if the whole clan agrees, it is depicted (by the winners) as glorious victory. History labels the leaders as Great, like Alexander the. Throughout history, when a ‘nation’ is invaded, the natives … Continue reading

Why Government? I Never Signed a Social Contract!

    We are all aware that ‘governments’ tend to attract selfish sociopaths who try, by force or stealth, to siphon off the resources of the governed for their personal use. We call this “corruption” and we don’t like it, which is why the OOTs (Oligarchs On Top) use stealth when force might expose them. … Continue reading

What’s Your Story?

I’ve noticed that we humans are great story tellers. Check out the Heider Simmel animation and make a story about what’s going on. I watched it out of curiosity and found I was concocting a story as I went along, full of good guys and bad guys (except the circle was a girl) and drama. … Continue reading

Fun With Stereotypes

Fun With Stereotypes       Stereotypes are now off limits; they are politically incorrect, don’cha know. But if we’re honest, we’ll admit that stereotypes develop with some little kernel of truth. A black colleague and I were ordering lunch. “Want the fried chicken?” “I don’t eat fried chicken.” “Don’t like it?” “It’s a stereotype … Continue reading

I Got the Cone of Uncertainty Blues

I live in Florida, where news shows used to jack up their ratings by calling the projected path of a hurricane The Cone of Death. The Cone of Death is approaching Tampa! Pretty dramatic, aye? Trouble is, hurricanes do what they want and having sent the whole city of Tampa shrieking up I-75, the hurricane … Continue reading

Painting Our Mood

Painting Moods I started this thing two weeks ago, when I was in a bad mood. I had a major heartbreaking disappointment and I wanted to distract myself so I painted this beach scene (24 X 36) with ugly threatening tree roots.                 Then I started feeling more … Continue reading