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How to Handle Controlling People

We’re all going to run into them; they seek to parasitize our personhood, to suck our soul; yet they may be unaware of what they are up to and we may just be left confused, hurt, or, worse case scenario, we may submit to their domination. I do recognize controlling behavior, be it ever so … Continue reading

96% Chance You Are a Decent Person

Most of us are pretty good folks; we just want to live decent lives in peace. Furthermore, we have an inner urge to help each other in crises, even to help people we don’t know. Not just people, we help baby ducks who fall down culverts and caribou who fall through ice. But let’s say … Continue reading

O.K., I Have Severe Arachnophobia

I think one should be honest about their weaknesses, and I consider an irrational fear of spiders to be a weakness. I want to rationalize it; spiders CAN bite you and some are venomous. I don’t think the fear of snakes,¬†Ophidiophobia, is irrational at all, do you? Yet I’m not scared of snakes. But I’ve … Continue reading

No, Greed Ain’t Good

A famous passage describing Goldman Sachs as vampire squids plunging their blood funnel wherever they smell money is brilliant. But it’s bigger than Goldman Sachs, though that is their corporate culture and qualification for promotion. This passage actually describes any amoral sociopath’s lust for loot. Greed is one of the primary motives for murder. Take … Continue reading

UK: We Want Our Empire Back!

I like to watch British shows and its interesting how CLASS is still such a big deal. If it’s a crime show, they report on the class of the criminal and are “Oh, so shocked” if an upper class person does something nasty. They haven’t gotten over the idea that blueblood=goodness, as if gentry weren’t … Continue reading

Our Prime Directive

Look, let’s get down to where the rubber meets the road. Like all living creatures on our little blue planet, human beings want, above all, to stay alive. We insist on it. We try to eat right, exercise, button our seat belts, go to the doctor and avoid creepy strangers. Since humans are social beings, … Continue reading

We’re All Unique, Thank God

Some folks go to great lengths to appear unique, but they may as well save the energy, because we are unique already. That’s why our DNA and fingerprints can identify us. Shoot, even each of our fingerprints is unique from the rest of them. There never has been and never will be, another person exactly … Continue reading

Prejudice, Power and Status

Our prejudice, our desire for power and status, our desire to gather resources to maintain life are not evil in themselves. They are part of being human. They become evil when taken to extremes. Prejudice can be defined as distrusting outsiders, those who are other, different. That is not in itself a bad thing and … Continue reading

IQ Tests are Mostly Worthless

I just watched a documentary on Leopold and Loeb, two young rich men who killed a little boy mostly as a game to prove their superiority over morality, society and every other living human being. They were caught and sent to prison for life. The documentary said they were so intelligent, Leopold had an IQ … Continue reading

Aholes Among Us

Aholes Among Us Humans have not changed, except for the little changes that we have wrought on our own environment, usually called technological progress, which then affects us in a feedback loop. But basically, humans are the same as they have always been. We want to stay alive, we like fat and sweets, we prefer … Continue reading