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The Holy Fool

The Holy Fool is a Russian archetype which derives from the idea that a person who truly does what Jesus said must be a fool. Kind of an admirable fool, but a fool nonetheless. It comes from those outrageous things Jesus said like, “Forgive your enemies, give to the poor, and restrict your sex life … Continue reading

Janice the 76 year-old drug addict

  Janice was once a beautiful woman, smart, and funny. She had traveled to Kuwait and Spain to teach English and had been loved by her students. Jane was abused by her alcoholic father throughout her childhood and as often happens, she married an abusive man. Her vow to herself was that she would have … Continue reading

Art Snobs and Status Symbols

Art Snobs and Status Symbols Since status symbols seem to be a human universal, they will probably never become extinct. Ancient tribal leaders wore special hats, gold necklaces and rode fancy horses to separate themselves from the common peons. Queen Elizabeth passed a law that lower class folks could not wear silk, since they might … Continue reading

Why Panic if Space Aliens Land?

Why Panic if Space Aliens Land? Supposedly, the existence of space aliens would cause mass panic on earth. I have tried for years to understand why this panic would take place. After all, the probability that other life exists in the universe is high; indeed life is everywhere present, but that’s not what seems to … Continue reading

Life After Life

Throughout the history of humanity, the vast majority of humans have believed that YOU live on after your earth body gives up. In the past few hundred years, a mere drop in the bucket of human existence, a weird idea has emerged that humans are basically soul-less machines and anything beyond what our senses can … Continue reading

Free Will

Dear followers: Thank you! I am humbled that anyone reads what I write. My fervent hope is that I can be of service to you. We all want freedom, by which most of us mean the freedom to choose-where to live, who to marry, what to say, hundreds of choices every day. Most of us … Continue reading

Mean Streets of Pleasantville

You might think the 800 souls at Pleasantville are all sweet old Christians. Ha. Actually, there are some of those. And there are alcoholics, drug addicts, perverts and sociopaths as well. I shouldn’t have been surprised…after all, we’re all different and we can be good or bad depending on how the day’s going, or even … Continue reading

What’s Wrong with People?

What’s wrong with people: greed, selfishness, violence, wars, lying, and all the rest, is just the over-the-cliff edge of human nature. For example, it is human nature to take care of yourself, but unacceptable to greedily hoard resources beyond what you could ever need, by any means necessary. It is human nature to defend yourself, … Continue reading

L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology: North Korea-nukes+Tom Cruise

It boggles the mind that good, intelligent people were sucked in by Hubbard’s con. It boggles the mind, but it shouldn’t. If you found a self-help therapy that could also help others, stop wars, stomp out mental illness and psychosomatic diseases, wouldn’t you go for it? Maybe, you reply, but when it got absurdly expensive, … Continue reading

Reasons are not Excuses

In watching crime documentaries, I notice people wonder “why?” unless the motive is love or money-we get those motives. Shrinks come on and answer: the killer was abused as a kid, hit his head, was on drugs, or some such. When I worked in a prison, I noticed the inmates had a similar list. No … Continue reading