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What is Your Priority?

Like a Little Child Christians usually have a favorite Bible verse or two and one of mine is Jesus speaking to a crowd. He called a toddler to him and said “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” He said we will never … Continue reading

What is it all about?

I’m an artist and thinking is kind of a hobby of mine, so I sometimes think about art. What is it all about? Why do we create illusions on a flat surface (because it’s fun?) and why does anyone else want to hang it on their wall? I haven’t figured that one out yet. I … Continue reading

It Could Be Worse-Coronavirus

It Could Be Worse-Coronavirus Today they informed us of the first Covid case in the village. This afternoon they told us there are now two. These are in the assisted living building; high risk folks. The CDC came in and everyone is isolated, no visitors at all. This is a senior village and half the … Continue reading

Creativity and Coronavirus

Creativity and Coronavirus I’ve always said humans are born creative and it’s not only for fashion and home decorating but for survival. When I teach art, beginners say they are not creative and I try to convince them that they are; what they really mean is, they lack skill. But any artistic skill is the … Continue reading

Cures for Lockdown Boredom

Fight Boredom-Go to Yale Supposedly a crisis is also an opportunity, right? Don’t sit around bored-why not go to Yale? Open Yale Courses is a free online series in which you can audit a real Yale course, given by a real Yale professor. Courses are available in history, philosophy, the Old and New Testaments, literature…there … Continue reading

Dali, the Golden Catfish

Finally. I spent whole days screwing this up before I woke up yesterday morning and saw what was wrong. I’m making three paintings of fish that live in the nearby Suwannee River: a bass, a bream and a catfish. Why? Who cares about three common fish? Apparently I do, but I couldn’t tell you why. … Continue reading

Art for Rape Survivors

Rape is universally condemned; in all cultures and throughout time. When something is universally condemned, it is because some humans committed the crime in all cultures and throughout time. But statistics are small comfort for rape victims. Many ancient laws required harsh penalties for rapists, but patriarchal societies, from which ours derives (Greece, Rome, Britain) … Continue reading

The Bell Tolls for You O King-a German Fable

Here’s a feel-good fable to brighten your day. I presented it as a chalk talk, drawing live in front of 125 people. I was so nervous! But they loved it. It’s about a horse…or maybe it’s about social security?      

Art and Spontaneous Profanity

Did you ever screw up something so bad, profanity spontaneously sprang from your lips? I’ve been working on these pour/paint resin panels, which include many hours and a fat slice of my little art budget. I spent hours on one, mixed the resin with a kitchen scale and left it to harden. I dutifully covered … Continue reading

Saphronia’s New Clothes

Saphronia’s New Clothes I make birds out of gourds to unwind and let the paint dry on ‘real’ projects. This is Saphronia, the hen, before I gave her new clothes. It’s winter, we could all do with some cheering up. I make skins from leftover pour paint by dumping leftovers on a silicone baking mat. … Continue reading