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Butterfly for Frida

Since I’m often asked how I did a painting and my mission is to pass on what I have learned, here is how I did “Butterfly for Frida.” This is a big painting, about 4 feet wide. Frida is Frida Kahlo, a well-known Mexican artist who was married to the famous muralist, Diego Rivera. In … Continue reading

Advice for Young Artists (from an old one)

The common view of art is that you become a famous artist and make millions selling your masterpieces. This is about as common as becoming a movie star and making millions on your films-in other words it is as rare as a three-eyed newt. We all make art in some form; by painting, music, poetry, … Continue reading

So Much Fun It Should Be Illegal-Redneck Bird Sculptures

Somebody gave me a bunch of gourds, which look like birds, so I’m making them into redneck birds-the Gourdy family. So far I have Kenny Ray and Cletis. I find this takes a combination of all my skills, polymer clay sculpting, bit of woodworking, painting, jewelry making, and a certain looniness. Cletis is 30″ tall … Continue reading

This week at the Studio

    A year ago I started the Suwannee River Studio on the theory that there were budding artists around who just needed some space and encouragement. My theory has proven correct. I have fifteen students and we have a lot of laughs. As an extrovert, it takes me awhile to get to know the … Continue reading

97 year-old graduate

One year ago, we started The Suwannee River Studio at this 800 member senior community. I’m the instructor and as I tell members, “We ain’t sitting around knitting doilies and waiting to die. We’re doing stuff.” We have completed Art 101, a six lesson series, now on DVD, which is a jump start for beginners … Continue reading

Fun at the Suwannee River Studio

Last February I started a studio here at Pleasantville Retirement Community. My theory was all people are creative, some people want to create visual images and anyone who wants to can learn to do this if I show them the tricks. Success! We have a lot of fun here and the student work is amazing. … Continue reading

IQ Tests are Mostly Worthless

I just watched a documentary on Leopold and Loeb, two young rich men who killed a little boy mostly as a game to prove their superiority over morality, society and every other living human being. They were caught and sent to prison for life. The documentary said they were so intelligent, Leopold had an IQ … Continue reading

Need Five Indie Authors

How is your week going? Good, I hope. As a recovering workaholic, I may have relapsed recently. I published two books in one week on Smashwords, an ebook distributor. I was looking for an alternative to Amazon, and I know book publishing is in the midst of a major revolution right now. No telling where … Continue reading

Today’s Art Experiment

How is your week going? Good, I hope. I’ve been working on books and more specifically, art for books. I decided that it would be cool to use fractals, so I gave myself permission to play with Apophysis, which is a free fractal generator you can download and play with. I get so excited by … Continue reading

Ever feel like this? Scared to do what is right?

Ever feel like you have a fresh perspective on the world but the rest of the mice just want you to climb down and be quiet? I’ve been tempted to climb down and be quiet, because I like people to like me, I like being one of the mice. This week I published a book … Continue reading