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World record jump-to the wrong conclusion

I grew up on a farm and we boarded a thoroughbred stallion for a neighbor named Mr. Dobbin; the horse, that is, not the neighbor. When the neighbor was out of town and I was taking care of him, I turned him into the corral so I could clean his stall. Mr. Dobbin, who had … Continue reading

Underwater Magic

How is your week going? Good, I hope. Seriously. I’m moving websites soon and they tell me I can stay in touch with all of you. I certainly hope so. I’m moving because WordPress puts ads on here and I have no idea what they say, but I fear they may be as classy as … Continue reading

Guns, Booze and Frogs Gone Bad

Last night was the eve of the 4th of July and my neighbors were celebrating early. I live on the edge of a swamp in Georgia and celebrating early around here involves drinking, fireworks and shooting off one’s guns. None of that disturbed me as I sat in my living room studying, until shotgun pellets … Continue reading

My painting found me after twenty years

How’s your week going? Good, I hope. Seriously. 🙂 Yesterday an old friend tracked me down through Facebook, where I participate under a fake name. Shh, don’t tell them. It’s illegal, which is so stupid, I decided to engage in civil disobedience and participate under a fake name. But she found me and sent me … Continue reading

First Do No Harm-Second, Have Some Fun

My youngest daughter, Mica was rushing around this morning, somewhat anxious: “Mary must have texted me 50 times! Are you coming? Here are the kids you’ll be watching. I’ve added one more kid. Do you know any other volunteers? Is she dependable?” “What age are you watching?” I asked. “Five year-olds.” “Oh. Five year-olds are … Continue reading

The Ancient Snake, baby

You may be aware of a persistent rumor that world leaders are actually alien reptiles, an idea widely promoted by David Icke. You can even find Youtube proof  (the most reliable kind of proof 🙂 in videos exposing world leaders: “Did you see it, their eyes changed!”   The Doors expressed the symbolic power of … Continue reading

So my hero is scared of spiders…he’s still a hero

How is your week going? Good, I hope. I have an irrational fear of spiders which extends even to an irrational fear of black thread balled up in the corner. I know, I know, spiders are unlikely to hurt me, but I say anything that can make me jump off a cliff is inherently dangerous. … Continue reading

Human Kindness: Watch for 3 Minutes-Bet You’ll Smile!

Most of us are pretty nice folks. Sure, we all have our mean and selfish moments, but most of us, most of the time, value other living things-and somehow, that makes us smile. This short videos about humans helping ducks made me smile. To be perfectly honest, I may have gotten a bit wet-eyed before … Continue reading

Just finished the book…need Advil

How have you been? Good, I hope. Have you ever started a project and thought it would take a few days and three months later… I kept thinking “I’ll finish today…OK, so I’ll finish tomorrow”…I hope I didn’t relapse into workoholism, the only addiction heartily approved of in the USA. Of course, when you finish … Continue reading

I finished the new book but forgot to get groceries

How have you been? Good, I hope. I’ve been away to a stone age island in Polynesia, (in my imagination) writing As the Sparks Fly Upward, a tale of romance, religion, politics and mostly humans being human, which is always a hilarious condition. I was supposed to go get groceries this morning and I meant … Continue reading