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Passing Ruffians and Old Ladies

Last Sunday, after a particularly uplifting church service, I was walking home down the pleasant tree-canopied streets of Tallahassee, when a red shouldered hawk landed on a bird bath not ten feet away from me. We stared at each other. This was highly unusual behavior for a hawk. “I wonder if I can take a … Continue reading

The Real Dr. Suess

Full disclosure: I love this guy. We are apt to think he was just a writer of beginning-reader rhyming books with wonky illustrations, Though his sixty children’s books sold over six hundred million copies translated into twenty different languages, that was not all he did. He was recently called out for racism, due to his … Continue reading

Granny Savage Gets Lost in the Ghetto

Do you have a car, to like, DRIVE places? I used to and took it for granted. Now that I am broke and moved to the city, I figure I can use public transportation. But being a savage, I have to learn how to use it. I had two appointments yesterday: dentist and covid shot … Continue reading

Draffit Died and I Feel Sad

Draffit Died Draffit was a long haired black retriever mix from a rescue shelter. He died Wednesday. He was fourteen years old. My son and his wife had him all those years, through two babies and several cats. Old dogs die, I tell myself. Then why am I so sad? Memories. He was a fat … Continue reading

Goodbye Gas Powered Cars

None of us likes change, but change doesn’t care what we don’t like, it keeps happening anyway. There once was a time when we all walked everywhere. Then someone got the creative idea of riding horses instead of eating them. How about hooking a cart to horses? Horsepower! How about I can show off my … Continue reading