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Why Vaccine Resistance?

I’m taking entries for the most bats**t crazy vaccine conspiracy theories. Have you got one? My favorite so far is from small, isolated churches in the south who tell their congregations that the vaccine contains nanochips that enable the Antichrist to track you. Then if you disobey him, he can just push a button and … Continue reading

A Real Honor

What was your greatest honor? Have you earned awards and trophies? I vaguely remember being called to podiums and handed something for something I apparently did right. But I didn’t keep the awards and cannot now remember what they were for. My painting is St. Francis and the Sparrow. Francis was born rich, but renounced … Continue reading

Startled Armadillo

Why Did You Paint That, Je’? Why Not? We’ve all seen nine-banded armadillos bumping along in our garden or beside the road. That is the only kind that lives in North America, though over twenty different kinds live in South America. The giant armadillo can grow to five feet, including it’s tail, the adorable pink … Continue reading

Why has US ignored threat of domestic terrorism?

Why has US ignored threat of domestic terrorism? The recent trashing of the Capitol by Trump supporters is timidly being called domestic terrorism. The presidential oath includes the promise to protect and defend against threats “foreign AND domestic.” Nations get hot about foreign terrorists, and that’s understandable. We’re ready to go to war and apparently, … Continue reading