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Why Government? I Never Signed a Social Contract!

    We are all aware that ‘governments’ tend to attract selfish sociopaths who try, by force or stealth, to siphon off the resources of the governed for their personal use. We call this “corruption” and we don’t like it, which is why the OOTs (Oligarchs On Top) use stealth when force might expose them. … Continue reading

First Light Fawn-C’mon Guys, There’s Hope…

A year ago I took a photo of the first light piercing the night down by the Suwannee River (where I live.) This year I found the photo and thought it would be cool if a fawn had been passing through. But hey, I’m an artist, I can make a fawn pass through, right? Not … Continue reading

What’s Your Story?

I’ve noticed that we humans are great story tellers. Check out the Heider Simmel animation and make a story about what’s going on. I watched it out of curiosity and found I was concocting a story as I went along, full of good guys and bad guys (except the circle was a girl) and drama. … Continue reading

Fun With Stereotypes

Fun With Stereotypes       Stereotypes are now off limits; they are politically incorrect, don’cha know. But if we’re honest, we’ll admit that stereotypes develop with some little kernel of truth. A black colleague and I were ordering lunch. “Want the fried chicken?” “I don’t eat fried chicken.” “Don’t like it?” “It’s a stereotype … Continue reading