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It Could Be Worse-Coronavirus

It Could Be Worse-Coronavirus Today they informed us of the first Covid case in the village. This afternoon they told us there are now two. These are in the assisted living building; high risk folks. The CDC came in and everyone is isolated, no visitors at all. This is a senior village and half the … Continue reading

Could I Be a Murderer?

Could I Be a Murderer? I’ve been fascinated with good vs. evil as long as I can remember, so I’ve watched a couple hundred serial killer documentaries. The sane people, the cops and especially the victim’s families, always want to know ‘why?’ Why do they all want to know why? Because if we could just … Continue reading

Why “Government”? The Deal

About ten thousand years ago, folks started farming as a survival strategy. Why move around chasing ripening food stuffs which may not even be there, risking travel hazards, predators and extinction through clan starvation? Some brilliant ancestors figured out that seeds could grow food right by the hut and this food could be stored to … Continue reading

Creativity and Coronavirus

Creativity and Coronavirus I’ve always said humans are born creative and it’s not only for fashion and home decorating but for survival. When I teach art, beginners say they are not creative and I try to convince them that they are; what they really mean is, they lack skill. But any artistic skill is the … Continue reading

Life in the Old Folks Village During a Pandemic

Social Contagion Remember the Toilet Papers Hoarders? Now apparently, people are hoarding food and buying guns like crazy. How does this madness spread? “First, a rumor emerges; second, being uncertain what to do people resort to “conforming behavior”, i.e. taking the same actions of the reference group; third, the rumor snowballs into a real problem, … Continue reading

Pine Needle Tea for Flu?

Pine Needle Tea for Flu? Decades ago, I was helping a man who had a bad case of flu, the upper respiratory kind. “I need pine top tea,” he insisted. “How about some Nyquil?” I asked, never having heard of pine top tea. Don’t they get turpentine from pine trees? Turpentine doesn’t sound very healing. … Continue reading