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Cures for Lockdown Boredom

Fight Boredom-Go to Yale Supposedly a crisis is also an opportunity, right? Don’t sit around bored-why not go to Yale? Open Yale Courses is a free online series in which you can audit a real Yale course, given by a real Yale professor. Courses are available in history, philosophy, the Old and New Testaments, literature…there … Continue reading

But What About the Money?!

But What About the Money?! Hilarious satire in The Onion yesterday, in which Federal Reserve chairman Bernanke was giving a report to congress in the midst of this pandemic. “The U.S. economy ceased to function this week after unexpected existential remarks by Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke shocked Americans into realizing that money is, in … Continue reading

Do’s and Don’t’s of Social Distancing

As the coronavirus spreads, many health experts are calling for Americans to practice social distancing, a process that would limit the passage of the virus between people and avoid a mass outbreak of simultaneous cases, but there is widespread confusion over what it means. The Onion looks at the dos and don’ts of social distancing. DO: Go … Continue reading

Covid Panic-Highly Contagious Insanity

As of this writing, the world is in the middle of Covid Panic. Schools closing, major events cancelled, my neighbor’s attic filled with spare toilet paper. I haven’t seen such madness since Y2K, when we all were going to die, I think because computers couldn’t handle the year 2000? Survival supplies were stockpiled, guns were … Continue reading

Fantasies-We All Got ‘Em

We all know what fantasies are because we all have our own. Sometimes the lottery jackpot is enormous and we buy a ticket, because, hey, somebody is going to win, why not me? Then millions fantasize what they will do with the jackpot and many prayers wing their way heavenward. Imagination is a precious part … Continue reading

Is Corona Virus the New Bubonic Plague?

Bubonic plague is caused by a bacteria named Yersinia Pestis, but it was unnamed for most of it’s worst years, because who would believe tiny, invisible bugs killed so many? Sounds like superstition or a hair-brained conspiracy theory. Everyone knew plague was caused by Miasma, stinking air, sort of poison gas. Or maybe foreigners, vagabonds, … Continue reading

Dali, the Golden Catfish

Finally. I spent whole days screwing this up before I woke up yesterday morning and saw what was wrong. I’m making three paintings of fish that live in the nearby Suwannee River: a bass, a bream and a catfish. Why? Who cares about three common fish? Apparently I do, but I couldn’t tell you why. … Continue reading

Art for Rape Survivors

Rape is universally condemned; in all cultures and throughout time. When something is universally condemned, it is because some humans committed the crime in all cultures and throughout time. But statistics are small comfort for rape victims. Many ancient laws required harsh penalties for rapists, but patriarchal societies, from which ours derives (Greece, Rome, Britain) … Continue reading

Pampered Pet Disorder

  A strange disorder has been growing over the past several decades involving pets. I grew up on a farm and both my parents insisted on treating animals with kindness and respect for their animal-ness. Respect for their animal-ness meant that each animal had an essence: doggeyness, or cat tendencies or cow behaviors. We did … Continue reading

The Bell Tolls for You O King-a German Fable

Here’s a feel-good fable to brighten your day. I presented it as a chalk talk, drawing live in front of 125 people. I was so nervous! But they loved it. It’s about a horse…or maybe it’s about social security?