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Vertigo is 1). an Alfred Hitchcock movie or 2). “a sensation of whirling and loss of balance, associated particularly with looking down from a great height, or caused by disease affecting the inner ear…” I’ve experienced this a few times and it’s kind of alarming to feel like you are on a storm-tossed ship when … Continue reading

Art and Spontaneous Profanity

Did you ever screw up something so bad, profanity spontaneously sprang from your lips? I’ve been working on these pour/paint resin panels, which include many hours and a fat slice of my little art budget. I spent hours on one, mixed the resin with a kitchen scale and left it to harden. I dutifully covered … Continue reading

You Are Special Just Because You Exist

You Are Great Just Because You Exist The foundation for a decent world starts with the inestimable value of human life. I’m always stunned by the stupidity of those who advocate killing other humans for the “sake of humanity.” Like bombing some nation into democracy-those who survive will be better off, right? (US) Kill all … Continue reading

Saphronia’s New Clothes

Saphronia’s New Clothes I make birds out of gourds to unwind and let the paint dry on ‘real’ projects. This is Saphronia, the hen, before I gave her new clothes. It’s winter, we could all do with some cheering up. I make skins from leftover pour paint by dumping leftovers on a silicone baking mat. … Continue reading

The Ball-Biting, Snake-Eating King of the Jungle, the Honey Badger

I watched a video of honey badgers kicking the butts of not just one, but six lions. Actually, the grown lions knew better, but the teenagers thought the little badgers looked tasty. Oops-live and learn. They have a thick, loose coat, so when some big thing bites them, they whip around inside their coat and … Continue reading

The Tale of the Mean Monkeys

This is a story from my books of fables, which I told at toddler’s Story Time at a local library. Far away in India lived three friends, Gipa and Gupta the geese and Snapahandra the turtle. They gossiped and joked together in their shallow lake for many months. Snapahandra had two problems. He was kind … Continue reading

Hoarders: Hiding Hurts

I was watching old Hoarders episodes and whenever they opened the hoarder’s fridge, I felt an urge to check mine. I’m an artist, so I did have some cans of paint in there, but a modest amount of food, none of which was growing mold, and no nasty surprises like a dead cat, as they … Continue reading

True Paleo Diet: Gimme Calories!

The idea that natural foods are best is deeply implanted in us. It embodies our love for nature, and then rolls right off a cliff because of our love for story-telling. Is everything in nature good? I think we want to believe that. I blame Walt Disney with his Lion King dancing in the sunshine … Continue reading

Peer Pressure for All

Peer Pressure for All My grown, professional son called the other day and told me that he had figured out that he had thought he wanted a McMansion because his peers had McMansions. He said it was especially bad when he lived in Atlanta, but he had felt a nagging doubt that he was thinking … Continue reading

I’m SO SICK of Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was supposedly so smart, so handsome, so Republican…Look, he was just an average serial murdering pervert-not even the most evil ever. I wish they would just assign numbers to these scum, so they wouldn’t become ‘famous,’ because that’s a big motivation for some of these losers. Can anyone name even one of Bundy’s … Continue reading