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Are You an Empath?

On the scale of human empathy from Empath to Sociopath,  no doubt most humans inhabit the mountain in the middle. That is, most people can be caring and sensitive or selfish and conscienceless, as the occasion seems to require. I’ve always known I’m a bit strange and don’t fit snugly into the mountain in the … Continue reading

Surviving a Narcissist

If you never ran into a narcissist, you will. Characteristics of a narcissist are: “…a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration. cocky, manipulative, selfish, patronizing, and demanding. “ This is who they are; we can all be Aholes now and … Continue reading

Butterfly for Frida

Since I’m often asked how I did a painting and my mission is to pass on what I have learned, here is how I did “Butterfly for Frida.” This is a big painting, about 4 feet wide. Frida is Frida Kahlo, a well-known Mexican artist who was married to the famous muralist, Diego Rivera. In … Continue reading

Narcissism-Three Venomous Women

I think about 85% of people are decent. Not perfect, mind you, but pretty good people. That leaves 15% who slide around on the Ahole Scale from Occasionally Ahole to that 4% who are pervasively and Consistently Ahole; that is, totally selfish. They are haughty, condescending and don’t care who gets hurt as long as … Continue reading

Truth About Iran They Don’t Want You to Know

(Those are Iranians? OMG, they looks just like people!) We Americans are fed fake news from all sides. Since we all have enough crap of our own to deal with, we might just swallow the lies and move on. I certainly have done this. Who has time and energy to dig down through the layers … Continue reading

Behold Trump, the Alpha Baboon

You know the type: the Alpha Baboon. They beat their wives and children, physically or emotionally, they are apt to attack anyone weaker than themselves to get their way. They swagger and brag across their world, big tough men. They threaten, slug, shoot; their solution to not getting their own way is to use physical … Continue reading

We’re Still ‘Superstitious’ and That’s Not All Bad

During the Enlightenment, anyone who expressed a religious worldview was labeled ‘superstitious.’ Atheists still use the term to denigrate anyone who suspects there is something more besides the material items our limited senses can detect. Do you believe in ghosts? An afterlife? A human soul? Intuition? You’re superstitious. Materialists call you superstitious as a way … Continue reading