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There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a¬†miracle. The other is as though¬†everything is a miracle. Einstein. Just saw a news article that says the creation of life is no miracle. Why is that? Because now they have a theory that explains it. Which defines “miracle” as … Continue reading

Serial Killers Part One: Crazy?

I think I’ve watched over three hundred crime, fraud, and serial killer documentaries now. It’s not that I like murder and mayhem, quite the contrary. I have to skip those involving children, because I can’t stand people hurting children. I watch them because I’m very interested in our common reactions to distressing situations. Crises reveal … Continue reading

Advice for Young Artists (from an old one)

The common view of art is that you become a famous artist and make millions selling your masterpieces. This is about as common as becoming a movie star and making millions on your films-in other words it is as rare as a three-eyed newt. We all make art in some form; by painting, music, poetry, … Continue reading