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Mean Streets of Pleasantville

You might think the 800 souls at Pleasantville are all sweet old Christians. Ha. Actually, there are some of those. And there are alcoholics, drug addicts, perverts and sociopaths as well. I shouldn’t have been surprised…after all, we’re all different and we can be good or bad depending on how the day’s going, or even … Continue reading

Morning in Paradise

Another Day in Paradise I ventured out to check out the weather and there were Debbie, my feisty, funny, one-legged friend and Margie, the athletic near-deaf lady with the fluffy Pomeranian, Tessa, which looks like a tiny, precious fox. I feel compelled to check the weather every morning because my farmer father felt weather was … Continue reading

How Long to Master an Art Form?

How long did that take you? American painter James Whistler, best known for the painting of his mother, set a very high price for one of his paintings. He was challenged by John Ruskin about why it was so expensive when it only took him two days. Whistler replied that it didn’t take him just … Continue reading

Naked Pleasantville

Naked Pleasantville This place is touted as heaven on earth, Pleasantville complete with 1945 music and Norman Rockwell prints on the walls. There are 800 stories in Naked Pleasantville, and this is one of them. I saw Jeff moving out last night. He’s moving out to shack up with the latest lady he’s charmed. They … Continue reading

Symbols In Our Brains

Ndebele Mural We think in symbols. We say “Life is a journey,” Zach’s been on a rough road,” She’s reached the top.” We know we don’t mean those things literally, yet we instantly perceive more from the symbol than we do, say, from a long list of troubles Zach has had on his ‘rough road.’ … Continue reading