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What’s Wrong with People?

What’s wrong with people: greed, selfishness, violence, wars, lying, and all the rest, is just the over-the-cliff edge of human nature. For example, it is human nature to take care of yourself, but unacceptable to greedily hoard resources beyond what you could ever need, by any means necessary. It is human nature to defend yourself, … Continue reading

What is a Successful Artist?

We seem to have this dream that our artistic skill will lead to fame and fortune-if we just work hard enough and get that degree. That is baloney. Do not count on making fame and fortune as an artist-you have as much chance at that as all those poor potential movie stars waiting tables until … Continue reading

Suwannee River Fairies

I can see the Suwannee River outside my window-it’s a jungle out there, folks. When I first moved here and was lonely, I imagined the river banks populated with fairies and even wrote and illustrated a book to that effect. When I told people who lived here all their lives it was fiction, they said, … Continue reading

L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology: North Korea-nukes+Tom Cruise

It boggles the mind that good, intelligent people were sucked in by Hubbard’s con. It boggles the mind, but it shouldn’t. If you found a self-help therapy that could also help others, stop wars, stomp out mental illness and psychosomatic diseases, wouldn’t you go for it? Maybe, you reply, but when it got absurdly expensive, … Continue reading

ART 101

Art 101-A Jump Start for Beginners, a Tune-Up for the Experienced I’ve been arting over sixty years now and realized I made some of the same of the same dumb mistakes for decades. Art 101 is a jump start-why should you make the same mistakes, when I can tell you how to solve them and … Continue reading