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Reasons are not Excuses

In watching crime documentaries, I notice people wonder “why?” unless the motive is love or money-we get those motives. Shrinks come on and answer: the killer was abused as a kid, hit his head, was on drugs, or some such. When I worked in a prison, I noticed the inmates had a similar list. No … Continue reading

When Civilization Collapsed

Around 1200 B.C., what we call civilization was cranking away, with widespread trade and several powerful kingdoms. Imagine-way back then the world was already globalized. But then the kingdoms fell,  leaving only a weakened Egypt standing. Trade was disrupted, turning the world back to herding sheep, subsistence farming and danger from raiders. This state of … Continue reading

One Day as a Lion

‘It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.’ said Benito Mussolini, and all the fascists cheered. Hell yes. King of the Beasts versus a mild-mannered follower. Predator vs. prey. I’m sure Mussolini, like all fascists, meant a male lion, too. Masculine dominance, Romans (or Germans or Americans) First. And … Continue reading

The Deadliest Threat to a Nation

Those in power like to divert our attention away from their corruption to an outside enemy. You can see why. If we have our panties in a bunch over ‘outside agitators’ we close ranks and support those in power. News: China is massing troops on the Mexican border! Us: Save us, President Skanky! Skanky: Fear … Continue reading