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So What is Democracy?

We love the word “democracy,” which literally means rule by the demos, the common people of a city-state. That was the original meaning, but meanings change gradually and now it means a government in which the views of the common people are considered in the decision-making process. Where does that take place? It took place … Continue reading

Leaders: Male and Female

We know most human societies tend to be patriarchal; that is, males are, even if under the radar, considered to be smarter, stronger, more competent, natural leaders. No. This is cultural, not ‘natural.’ Our cultural heritage is from the Greek and Roman empires, ‘cradles of civilization’ via Great Britain, which was in Victorian times, convinced … Continue reading

Who Killed JFK?

Who Killed JFK? The scab that has grown over the JFK assassination is still oozing. The major news media still insists it was the lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. I hope you know this is a bald-faced lie. The Warren Commission was a whitewash. The 1976 House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that JFK’s death … Continue reading

Confessions of a Senior Delinquent

So I live in this senior Christian village. I’m technically a senior and am a generic Christian, so no problem, right? My kids said they would throw me out. Why? I know how to act; I eat with a fork and say “please” and “thank you.” Today at lunch I pulled out a candy cigarette … Continue reading

ART PARTY at Suwannee River Studio

Yesterday at our regular Friday workshop, we did an art party. An art party is a fun event wherein non-artists come and are led step-by-step through making their very own original masterpiece, which they then take home with them. Some art parties charge $75 a head, but I’m always trying to give things away, so … Continue reading