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This week at the Studio

    A year ago I started the Suwannee River Studio on the theory that there were budding artists around who just needed some space and encouragement. My theory has proven correct. I have fifteen students and we have a lot of laughs. As an extrovert, it takes me awhile to get to know the … Continue reading

No One is Rich By Himself

Wealth As I write this, the wealthy elite are meeting in a luxury mountaintop hotel in Davos, Switzerland, wondering why the economy is screwed up. Once again, I wondered about wealth. Where does wealth come from? What is wealth? Definition: “An abundance of valuable possessions or money; plentiful supplies of a particular resource.” ‘An abundance … Continue reading

How to Handle Controlling People

We’re all going to run into them; they seek to parasitize our personhood, to suck our soul; yet they may be unaware of what they are up to and we may just be left confused, hurt, or, worse case scenario, we may submit to their domination. I do recognize controlling behavior, be it ever so … Continue reading

96% Chance You Are a Decent Person

Most of us are pretty good folks; we just want to live decent lives in peace. Furthermore, we have an inner urge to help each other in crises, even to help people we don’t know. Not just people, we help baby ducks who fall down culverts and caribou who fall through ice. But let’s say … Continue reading

O.K., I Have Severe Arachnophobia

I think one should be honest about their weaknesses, and I consider an irrational fear of spiders to be a weakness. I want to rationalize it; spiders CAN bite you and some are venomous. I don’t think the fear of snakes,¬†Ophidiophobia, is irrational at all, do you? Yet I’m not scared of snakes. But I’ve … Continue reading

And so it begins…The Suwannee River Studio

We started in February, 2018 with twelve members, here at Advent Christian Village, way down upon the Suwannee River. My theory was that everyone is creative and some creatives are interested in the visual arts (others are interested in music, or writing, or even cooking.) We meet formally every Friday and informally throughout the week. … Continue reading

97 year-old graduate

One year ago, we started The Suwannee River Studio at this 800 member senior community. I’m the instructor and as I tell members, “We ain’t sitting around knitting doilies and waiting to die. We’re doing stuff.” We have completed Art 101, a six lesson series, now on DVD, which is a jump start for beginners … Continue reading