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Prejudice, Power and Status

Our prejudice, our desire for power and status, our desire to gather resources to maintain life are not evil in themselves. They are part of being human. They become evil when taken to extremes. Prejudice can be defined as distrusting outsiders, those who are other, different. That is not in itself a bad thing and … Continue reading

Fun at the Suwannee River Studio

Last February I started a studio here at Pleasantville Retirement Community. My theory was all people are creative, some people want to create visual images and anyone who wants to can learn to do this if I show them the tricks. Success! We have a lot of fun here and the student work is amazing. … Continue reading

IQ Tests are Mostly Worthless

I just watched a documentary on Leopold and Loeb, two young rich men who killed a little boy mostly as a game to prove their superiority over morality, society and every other living human being. They were caught and sent to prison for life. The documentary said they were so intelligent, Leopold had an IQ … Continue reading

Aholes Among Us

Aholes Among Us Humans have not changed, except for the little changes that we have wrought on our own environment, usually called technological progress, which then affects us in a feedback loop. But basically, humans are the same as they have always been. We want to stay alive, we like fat and sweets, we prefer … Continue reading