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Yes, you can-Build a house with stones, sticks and mud

No hammers, no saws, no nails, no Home Depot-just build a house out of what is lying around in the woods. Ready, set, go. C’mon-Our distant ancestors did it or we wouldn’t be here. But have we gotten soft, have we lost the ability to use what comes to hand? Apparently not, as this young … Continue reading

(Not Really the) Mental Health Hotline

I used to work as a mental health professional and believe me, crazy people, and I may be one, would laugh their arses off at this video. Having just been told by a machine that my “call was very important” to it and remembering once being on hold so long the muzak changed to “Billy … Continue reading

Creativity: In the Zone

How is your week going? Good, I hope. Ever get working on a creative project and slip into The Zone? It’s a little like the Twilight Zone, beyond space and time, where your hands obey your imagination and you cross some sort of boundary. I am aware that the boundary is sometimes called Sanity, but … Continue reading

What if You are Actually a Brain in a Vat?

If you study much philosophy, you will at some point understand why Athens condemned Socrates to death. Not that he was Corrupting the Morals of the Youth, the formal charge, but that philosophers ask uncomfortable, if not ridiculous, questions. Since I always wanted to be certain, to know, I gravitated to epistemology, that is, the … Continue reading

Keep those Creatives distracted or they’ll cause trouble

How is your week going? Good, I hope. I think lots of you are Creatives and can relate to this. I’ve been distracted from art-working for two months on a website for us outcasts. It’s all done but there are geeky reasons its not online and I’ve been spending the past two days frustrating the … Continue reading