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Today’s Art Experiment

How is your week going? Good, I hope. I’ve been working on books and more specifically, art for books. I decided that it would be cool to use fractals, so I gave myself permission to play with Apophysis, which is a free fractal generator you can download and play with. I get so excited by … Continue reading

Ever feel like this? Scared to do what is right?

Ever feel like you have a fresh perspective on the world but the rest of the mice just want you to climb down and be quiet? I’ve been tempted to climb down and be quiet, because I like people to like me, I like being one of the mice. This week I published a book … Continue reading

Except for these cactus spines stuck in my butt…

How is your week going? Good, I hope. Mine is going well, except for those cactus spines stuck in my butt. If you ever get cactus spines stuck in your butt, here’s how to get rid of them. You see, a few years ago I rescued a cactus from beside the road and planted it … Continue reading

Marijuana Kills Cancer? Is that why you called it Killer Weed?

Oops-it appears that marijuana kills cancer cells and has other health benefits, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.┬áBy the time such information reaches a government website, it has had to crash through the gates of many Gate Keepers. It takes a long time. Meanwhile, no one’s life has not been touched by cancer, … Continue reading

Personal Experiences with God

Originally posted on Truth Scooper:
I often talk with atheists, since atheists are human beings deserving of respect and I used to claim to be one. I say “claim” because if an atheist is defined as someone who is certain there is no God, then after awhile I had to admit that no can be…

World record jump-to the wrong conclusion

I grew up on a farm and we boarded a thoroughbred stallion for a neighbor named Mr. Dobbin; the horse, that is, not the neighbor. When the neighbor was out of town and I was taking care of him, I turned him into the corral so I could clean his stall. Mr. Dobbin, who had … Continue reading

Why NOT moss on the bathroom floor?

As I mentioned a few days ago, I decided to paint the bathroom floor. It’s not so crazy, I painted the kitchen floor and it came out great. I decided moss would be good in the bathroom-after all, its a damp kinda place and wouldn’t moss feel nice and soft underfoot when your step out … Continue reading

Astronaut claims peaceful aliens want to stop war

Do you believe in aliens? Of course you do, because “alien” just means different. But it has come to mean beings from outer space who have visited earth for various reasons, ranging from stopping nuclear war, as astronaut Edgar Mitchell says, to abducting people from their beds and poking painfully into their bodies. Supposedly those … Continue reading

Must Read-Words of Wisdom from a Twenty-Something

We live in a world full of discrimination. I myself am extremely guilty of it. Especially with the careers I’ve chosen. We love to pretend we are better than to discriminate but few of us are. We look at someone and instantly feel as if we know their story. From tables that come into my … Continue reading

Who Built This House? They’re fired.

How is your week going? Good, I hope. I get ideas like popcorn pops, and only about half of them are good ideas. I had an idea to make a shower stall when I took out the old one, cuz it was leaking. Hey, could I stucco and waterproof the walls? Could I use marine … Continue reading