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I survived! 3 Quick Safety Tips

“Ow-freakin’ knife!” I complained irrationally, seeking out my 18 year-old grandson for sympathy. “How did you do that?” He asked, examining my cut finger with concern. “I was trying to fix the couch,” I explained. “WITH A KNIFE?!” Well, yes, actually, but it’s a long story and the title says “Quick Safety Tips” So here … Continue reading

Longing for What No Longer Exists

Magic Barn on Amazon As a writer, I have noticed that English is rather limited. What is the word for longing for a thing that no longer exists? Nostalgia? Homesickness? That’s way too weak. But the Welsh have a word for it: “Hiraeth.” It’s pronounced “here-eyeth” (roll the “r”) Hiraeth is something that “comes on us.” A … Continue reading

A Homeless Kid Success Story

Tall and painfully thin, Bryan sat hunched over miserably; looking down at his hands as he endured the job interview. It wasn’t much of a job I was offering him, just twenty hours a week in a government-funded program paying minimum wage. But to Brayn it must have looked like a life and death opportunity-which … Continue reading

Surrounded by Wonders…

How is your week going? Good, I hope. I came across a painting I made a few years ago and I was struck-again-how beauty is all around us. It’s just some water striders in a puddle, a puddle down the road at the edge of the swamp. That doesn’t sound very beautiful, does it? But … Continue reading

Guns, Booze and Frogs Gone Bad

Last night was the eve of the 4th of July and my neighbors were celebrating early. I live on the edge of a swamp in Georgia and celebrating early around here involves drinking, fireworks and shooting off one’s guns. None of that disturbed me as I sat in my living room studying, until shotgun pellets … Continue reading

Hey, Let’s Elect an Actor in Chief

Hey, let’s elect an Actor in Chief! Instead of Peace Prizes we could give out Presidential Oscars. This morning a nice lady posted a photo of Reagan on Facebook kissing an American Flag. She said, “I just want a president who loves America.” I commented, “Or a good actor?” My daughter fussed at me for … Continue reading

Geek Tribes

How is your week going? Good, I hope. This week I learned that Geeks, the Wizards of the Modern Age, still form tribes, which is apparently the default form of social organization. Although we moderns think we abandoned tribes long ago, I realized as I study history that we have not. We still form a … Continue reading