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Blessed are the Creatives

Blessed are the Creatives, the artists, poets, musicians and writers. Obviously, “blessed” does not mean the same thing as financially rewarded, but then I never met a Creative who would trade creativity for whatever skills, say, an accountant needs. Patience? Love of detail? Pleasure in perfect sums? Yesterday I was playing with paintings I made … Continue reading

The Ancient Snake, baby

You may be aware of a persistent rumor that world leaders are actually alien reptiles, an idea widely promoted by David Icke. You can even find Youtube proof  (the most reliable kind of proof 🙂 in videos exposing world leaders: “Did you see it, their eyes changed!”   The Doors expressed the symbolic power of … Continue reading

If you can’t be a Prince-be a Pirate

How is your week going? Good, I hope. Do you like TV commercials? I imagine most people still find them to be an annoying interruption, but I don’t know since I cancelled cable long ago. Sometimes I run into them at the beginning of videos, though, and they never cease to fascinate. I once owned … Continue reading

What would Jesus do? In a parking lot?

I dare you not to laugh…:)   WWJD

Be Creative-now climb into one of these boxes…

How is your week going? Good, I hope. Are you a Creative? An artist, poet, musician, or a writer? “Creative” is a pretty big sandpile to play in, so I don’t feel too bad asking the question. But then every Creative I know also needs to eat and pay the rent, just like everyone else. … Continue reading

Enough with these rising food prices!

How’s your week going ? Good, I hope. If you’ve been wondering if groceries are getting more expensive and if so, why?-check out my other, more serious blog here. You probably already know the answer to the first question. I made this little chart for the visually-oriented: 🙂

So my hero is scared of spiders…he’s still a hero

How is your week going? Good, I hope. I have an irrational fear of spiders which extends even to an irrational fear of black thread balled up in the corner. I know, I know, spiders are unlikely to hurt me, but I say anything that can make me jump off a cliff is inherently dangerous. … Continue reading

Human Kindness: Watch for 3 Minutes-Bet You’ll Smile!

Most of us are pretty nice folks. Sure, we all have our mean and selfish moments, but most of us, most of the time, value other living things-and somehow, that makes us smile. This short videos about humans helping ducks made me smile. To be perfectly honest, I may have gotten a bit wet-eyed before … Continue reading

Just finished the book…need Advil

How have you been? Good, I hope. Have you ever started a project and thought it would take a few days and three months later… I kept thinking “I’ll finish today…OK, so I’ll finish tomorrow”…I hope I didn’t relapse into workoholism, the only addiction heartily approved of in the USA. Of course, when you finish … Continue reading

Does thinking burn calories?

How is your week going? Good, I hope. 🙂 Does thinking burn calories? Is it true that we are getting dumber? And could thinking therefore make us both smarter and  skinnier? When I asked Google, it said: “While a brain takes up about twenty percent, or 300, of a resting body’s 1300 calories a day, and while … Continue reading