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Plummeting Off the Learning Curve

How’s is your week going? Good, I hope! I’m in the midst of learning new software, which came with a warning: Steep Learning Curve. NO! I don’t want to climb a steep learning curve! I want to have fun. But then, I have kind of divided my life into Fun and Learning Experiences-most of which … Continue reading

Building an Airplane in the Sky

How is your week going? Good, I hope. Do you enjoy planning? I thought I had done all the research. I got a website and decided to install Drupal because it’s free, collaborative and has good reviews. Then I found out it’s not quite that simple. I spent eight months trying to learn ole’ Dreamweaver … Continue reading

“What? WHAT?” Kids…

This happened today. ๐Ÿ™‚ย Just little humans being human. “Close the door, go back in the pool!” “Ok, but Mama, can you give us a snack?” “Yes, I’ll cut up the watermelon in a minute” “WHAT?” “I’ll cut up the wat-er-mel-on in a minute, close the door!” “WHAT?” “Watermelon!! I’ll bring it out in a minute!” … Continue reading

My painting found me after twenty years

How’s your week going? Good, I hope. Seriously. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yesterday an old friend tracked me down through Facebook, where I participate under a fake name. Shh, don’t tell them. It’s illegal, which is so stupid, I decided to engage in civil disobedience and participate under a fake name. But she found me and sent me … Continue reading

Help, help! Want to be my book collaborator?

How is your week going? Good, I hope! I need a few folks to read my books before I publish them. NOT proofread, just read them and let me know if anything is wacky. Like, “Wait a minute, I thought the villain was thrown off a cliff, not drowned in a tsunami”-Ooops, my bad, can’t … Continue reading

My Daughter, the Mechanic

My youngest daughter, Mica, shocked me awhile back when she announced, “Don’t yell, but…I’m enrolling in Automotive Technology.” Why would I yell? And who is that inside my head, yelling: “You’re doing WHAT?” It’s not an easy course; the textbook weighs about 80 pounds and she has worked hard and is getting good grades. A … Continue reading

First Do No Harm-Second, Have Some Fun

My youngest daughter, Mica was rushing around this morning, somewhat anxious: “Mary must have texted me 50 times! Are you coming? Here are the kids you’ll be watching. I’ve added one more kid. Do you know any other volunteers? Is she dependable?” “What age are you watching?” I asked. “Five year-olds.” “Oh. Five year-olds are … Continue reading

You were adopted

Today was the day Trevor was told, “You were adopted.” It had to happen someday, and certainly it’s better at age six than age thirty, right? Why now? “He’s starting school in the fall and in this town everyone is so obsessed with color, they’ll ask him why he’s a different color than his parents,” … Continue reading

Brushed by the Wispy Wings of History

If you live long, and I hope you do, you will look back and realize that history has now and then brushed by you with wispy wings. When I was a little girl, I used to visit Aunt Sarah. Back then, kids could wander around town in safety because we all knew each other and … Continue reading

Don’t Feel Bad-Nobody Knows What the Heck They’re Doing

How’s your week going? Good, I hope. Found this article that made me both laugh and feel better so thought I’d share. It seems that those folks we admire as over achievers often feel like they don’t know what the heck they’re doing. For example, “Messi, arguably the best soccer player of all time, almost … Continue reading