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Men Try Heels for First Time: History and Hilarity of High Heels

“You need to wear heels with that outfit.” “Who says?”   Why distort your feet? Why walk around on stilts if you’re not a circus gymnast? Who invented these torture devices? Cave men? So women couldn’t run away from them? This bad idea, like so many others, started with the aristocracy. Aristocrats would be unmasked … Continue reading

Who put the empty milk carton in the fridge? Hitler!

What could be more natural than blame-storming? You notice something is wrong and you try to figure out who is to blame. Someone put an empty milk carton in the fridge and here I am with a bowl of cereal and no milk: Who did it? When you find who did the wrong thing, you … Continue reading

How cool is THAT?

Now and then I run into a nature fact so mind-boggling…I tell you, it shakes my faith in the theory of evolution, which isn’t all that strong to start with. Sure, finches develop different beaks over time in response to their environment, sure animals change color or size or whatever. But Charles Darwin said if … Continue reading

God is just a mental construct? No paycheck for you then

I have to laugh when atheists dismiss God as “just a mental construct.” God is just something you made up in your head,” they say, ” your imaginary friend,” implying that anyone who believes such things is  childish. They claim that THEY only rely on truth, which they limit to hard, scientific evidence. This is … Continue reading

The Road Winds Upward

I called my genius geek son last night to ask what he thought of Windows 8, since I had just spent four days trying to slay that Wannabe Phone. Apparently Windows 8 was a huge flop and generated so much profanity that I need not add mine to it. He said they were coming out … Continue reading

Are you a risk-taker? Here’s a quick quiz

It’s a hot summer day and your co-workers invite you to go swimming at this great place they’ve found. When you get there, the roar of the waterfall fills your ears. Do you say: A. No freaking way! I’m calling 911. B. Wait, is C going to live through this? C. Heck yeah, hold my … Continue reading

“I can’t draw to save my life,” said the artist

I used to train horses and at about the point where you could mount up and get the horse to go, stop and turn-we called them “green broke.” We knew that green broke meant you still might end with “bones broke” if you weren’t careful. That’s the stage my new computer is at-green broke. The … Continue reading

The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

“O Deep Thought computer,” he said, “the task we have designed you to perform is this. We want you to tell us….” he paused, “The Answer.” “The Answer?” said Deep Thought. “The Answer to what?” “Life!” urged Fook. “The Universe!” said Lunkwill. “Everything!” they said in chorus. -(from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) How would … Continue reading

I Wanna Go Where Everybody Knows My Name

You may remember the TV show “Cheers,” whose theme song contained the line, “I wanna go where everybody knows my name.” Of course we want to go to such a place. And imagine if, when we walk in, everybody jumps up in joy because we have arrived. Well, that doesn’t happen very often, except maybe … Continue reading

The River of Life Flows On…

How is your week going? Good, I hope. My new laptop is here-yay! Full of bloatware-boo. What is bloatware? A bazillion icons for special offers that stubbornly appears at startup on new computers. What the…? I just want to get to work. Mica: Hey, why aren’t using your new computer? Me: I’ve been trying to … Continue reading