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Hey, is that Chou?

I’m in the midst of writing a book on the history of religious ideas and ran into this quote from a Taoist teacher. We westerners want to KNOW stuff and if we don’t know, we seem to get very panicky. Not so toward the east, and for some reason they make me smile; probably because … Continue reading

Lord Snout-in-trough on US vs Them (that’s you and I)

Yanis Varoufakis, new finance minister of Greece: “About a year ago, I was having lunch with member of House of Lords and he said to me, “Listen, after 1945 WE made huge concessions to THEM. We allowed THEM a national health service. Later on we even built universities for THEIR children and we paid for … Continue reading

We Get By with a Little Help from Our Friends

Just a true story that happened yesterday which illustrates that most human beings are pretty decent. From my brother, Mark: “The Buzzard, an old friend of mine, came by the apartment, helped me take the old battery out of my car, took me to the parts store and bought another battery for me. We got back, … Continue reading

IQ: Fish vs Monkeys

I supposedly have a high I.Q. yet am perfectly aware that I do dang fool things. What does it mean that a person has a high I.Q. anyway? It means I can do well on tests designed by folks who have designed tests to measure…things at which they themselves excel. My (deceased) brother had an … Continue reading

I Want My Crayons Back

When Queen Elizabeth asked her economists why none of them saw the crash of 2008 coming, they were taken aback and didn’t answer for a few days. Then they said that they had had a “failure of imagination.” You would think, then, that economics majors would be required to take some art classes so they … Continue reading