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Self-Portrait of the Artist in Her Studio

How is your week going? Good, I hope. So have you figured out what to do with your life? I’m still working on it. And I’m still working on a format for animations, which I’m not very good at. I started one as an intro to a video of me in my studio and it … Continue reading

Sweet Old Mrs. Edwards Gets Down

Friedrich Nietzsche, who said “God is dead” also said he could never believe in a God who did not dance. When I read that I thought, “Oh, Freidrich, I could have taken you to some churches that would have melted your frozen Germanic soul.” Prepare to be surprised:

We all need a little help sometimes…

I spent many years working with folks whose lives you might say had not been going well. You might say that because they were in rehab or prison. Two things they had a hard time with were admitting they could be wrong (we all suffer from that) and asking for help. Don’t be afraid to … Continue reading

Pascal, the Anti-War Mudskipper

Just for a hoot, look up lyrics of different national anthems sometimes. Ours is about a war and that probably says something about us. Just about everybody says they hate war nowadays. There was a time, maybe a few thousand years ago, when war was just fine, glorious even-like the mother’s advice in a Viking … Continue reading

“Biracial” in America: I’m Black and White and I’m All Right

Guaranteed laugh: Tell a biracial American kid “It sure is swell that racism is extinct in the USA.”

Yesterday, Down on the Farm

Having grown up on a farm, I always felt privileged. Visiting my friends in their fancy houses in the suburbs, I was stricken with compassion (and claustrophobia) by the size of their yards. Why, there was another house right next to theirs! And where could they pasture their pony? And what can you DO in … Continue reading

Cathedrals, Gargoyles and Minarets-what church buildings tell us

Humans have always had sacred spaces; a certain mountain, cave or spring that is deemed special. Perhaps the oldest found so far is the Python Cave in Africa, used 60,000 years ago. I think you can understand why a cave guarded by a giant stone python would be considered special. But moving up to the … Continue reading

The Burping Dinosaur Sings Happy Birthday

I love birthdays. That day when you made that scary, albeit short trip into what we call the real world. If you have ever been at a birth, you know there is something sacred about it. My grand daughter Fern’s third birthday is fast approaching and once again I will miss her party. My old … Continue reading

The Agony and the Ecstasy of…Learning New Stuff

Neuroscientists say when we learn new stuff, we physically grow new neural connections in our brain; little branches plow through the gray matter seeking a hookup. Is that why learning new stuff is painful? And does thinking really hard burn calories? I can’t find a good answer for that question, but it was the reason … Continue reading