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The Labyrinth between Our Ears

I find I like images of paths with light at the end. Well, you may say, don’t we all? Probably-and there is a rather deep spiritual reason for that. The metaphor is: Continue the journey, keep heading toward the light, there is hope up ahead. According to cognitive researcher Geroge Lakoff, we think in metaphors. … Continue reading

Fear of Chickens? That’s a Thing?

We had a great time at the art class I teach called “Fine Arts for Adults Who want Their Crayons Back” We made Folk Art Rooster and discussed folk art from around the world. But one young woman was going wacky at the end of the table. Me: “Uh…that’s different.” She: “Hey! You say be … Continue reading

The Great Big Snow Cone of Death

My brother Mark in Connecticut emailed me that he is in the Cone of Death for storm Juno, which will dump a couple feet of snow on New England today. This surprised me, since it’s usually my brother Steve in Florida who uses such alarmist terminology in reference to hurricanes. “It’s a joke,” he explained. … Continue reading

Rest in Peace, Laptop

By this point in history, we have all experienced the demise of our computer; the dreaded day when it just can’t be revived by any gymnastic geek tricks. It’s gone, kaput, perished. Yesterday my workhorse laptop gave up the ghost in the machine. It had been ill, it wasn’t a surprise, but the death of … Continue reading

Filming Truth Scooper was going well until the governor got smushed

Alas, I cannot control Fate. As it turns out I cannot even control my special guests. I thought the filming of Episode 2 of Truth Scooper was going well until the Fickle Foot of Fate smushed Governor Butch Otter of Idaho for his fascist sentiments.  

I promise you, this is an encouraging story

I promise you this is an encouraging story-just bear with me. Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake in 2010, which killed 200,000 people in an already poverty-stricken country. Many kind people donated money, which seems to have been peed away by the kleptocrats, as usual. This man lost several family members and has moved to a … Continue reading

First day on new program and all I have is a blooper

As you know, I’ve been trying, as a public service, to do funny animated videos that encourage critical thinking. As it turns out, It’s Not as Easy as I Thought (another great title for an autobiography.) After much work, I thought it was good to go, but who knew guests had such fragile egos? Not … Continue reading

Jesus Wept. Why?

When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice. – Cherokee. I admit I am an almost annoyingly happy person, but today I feel like I have a lump of charcoal burning in my chest, because Tommy died this morning. … Continue reading

Trying Out the BS Detector in 3,2,1…

I apologize for trying out my inventions on you…but how do you like this one? It’s a BS Detector I have mounted on the roof. Every time BS is uttered within a range of 100 meters, the BS Detector goes off. Sure cure for Fox News addiction. Let’s see…It needs a really annoying siren and … Continue reading

So here’s a great idea: Machine to Separate Truth from Caca in News Stories

I have come up with an invention for grinding the truth from the caca in news stories: The Truth Grinder. It comes with 5 blades and when you run a story through it, the truth bits come out the shoot and the Caca de Toro (Italian for BS) comes out the tube.     I … Continue reading