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What does your heart say? Shh, it speaks quietly…

Whoa! Thank God I remembered what a preacher told me once: “Whatever you preach, that very thing will challenge you before the week is over.” This week I wrote on the difference between boys and girls and how it is bad to be denied what you really want to do, just because of gender. And … Continue reading

Second Free Book for Kids-Enjoy!

Ha! So I woke up this morning and said to myself, “Self, finish up that book and post it online. The more kids hear the story, the more fun it is.” My wiser Self answered, “That is going to take all day.” Silly Self replied, “No, it’s not. Two hours, tops.” Eight hours later, it’s … Continue reading

Boys and Girls: Viva la Difference!

Are you an expert on anything? I wish I was, but I am not. I was once accused of being an expert when I was getting ready to go speak at a community organizing seminar. Colleague: So you’re an expert now. Me: I don’t think so. What do you mean? Colleague: You’re traveling over 500 … Continue reading

Home Sweet Home: The Big Picture

So how is your week going? Good, I hope. It’s always good to get a little perspective, so here is snapshot of Home Sweet Home-our galaxy. Gee, where’s our house? As it turns out, our sun and earth are located in a minor arm of the galaxy, about one quarter of the way (25, 000 … Continue reading

Free Bloovie (Mook? Vook?) to Share with Kids

On the advice of a ten year-old, I turned several of my kid’s books into comics. Though it took months, the ten year-old in question, at least, enjoyed the result. But in my never-ending quest to stay broke, I decided to turn a story into a book-movie and give it away for free. Perhaps you … Continue reading

We all love a good insult (but leave my mom out of it)

Every human being has things in common with every other human being, in fact over two hundred things, according to anthropologist Donald Brown. While some emphasize the differences in people, especially people in other groups (and count on this: the others are not as good as us) even this is a human universal; the preference … Continue reading

Feckless? What the Heck is Feck?

The word “feckless has been in the news a lot lately, but what is feck-and are we in danger of losing the feck we did not know we had? 🙂 If you already know, then you probably know what the feisty Old Scotsman means when he says you are a:

Magic Moments: When we learn to read

My grandson Carlo learned “The Trick” today. That’s what I called it in first grade: The Trick. I was so excited! I decoded every word I could find. I remember sitting on the school bus for about a week trying to read “Superior” which was written on the bus floor mat. “Soo-per-eye-or” I kept repeating. … Continue reading

Having way too much fun

Are you working today? And if not, what kind of Amurcan are you? 🙂 I am having way too much fun today, so I set myself a time limit on fun and just exceeded it by an hour and 30 minutes. You see, I have this passion for fractals, the Thumbprint of God, but as … Continue reading