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Magic Moments: When we learn to read

My grandson Carlo learned “The Trick” today. That’s what I called it in first grade: The Trick. I was so excited! I decoded every word I could find.

I remember sitting on the school bus for about a week trying to read “Superior” which was written on the bus floor mat.

“Soo-per-eye-or” I kept repeating. Finally I got it: Soo-peer-ee-or! Superior!” I yelled it out loud. The bus driver just raised one eyebrow. He was totally habituated to kids not making a lick of sense.

I told my teacher I now wanted to quit school, since I now knew The Trick and wanted to go to the library where I could learn everything else I needed to know. She disagreed. She disagreed heartily.

It is a magic moment when we learn to read. A whole new world, many new worlds, open up to us. Hats off to all the teachers, all over the world, who pass The Trick on to the next generation.

By the way, I was seven when I learned to read. How old were you? CARLO IS THREE!

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Little Smarties Comics


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