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How is your week going? great, I hope!

I am very aware that real humans beings like you follow this blog. First, thank you! Second, how it your week going? I’m not asking to be polite; I’d really like to know. Are you a creative type? If so, you know how it is to be in the grip of a project. I have … Continue reading

Revolution: Meanwhile, back at Che’s hideout

In studying revolutions, I was quite surprised how much they argued-with each other! In a previous post I mentioned the Mountain Chihuahuas. Since then, possibly because I have no life, a hyperactive imagination, or both-I’ve been wondering what happened to the Mountain Chihuahuas since then. How is the Revolution going? Do they meet in secret … Continue reading

Fox News Sucks and How to Fix That

How to stop the stressful, stupid-inducing effects of 24 hour fear-mongering in one simple step.

The little devil in Religion 101

All right, all right, I was a bad kid. Iā€™m sorry, all you long-suffering teachers, that I gave you such a hard time. I was bored. I was trying to liven things up a bit. (Those are explanations, not justifications.) I went to Catholic high school on scholarship, like many poor peasants before me. If … Continue reading

Autumn Blessing Bean: An almost true story

A couple of young folks invited me to watch The Hobbit 1 and 2 with them, which was nice. But I talked too much during the spider scene in Mirkwood Forest-well, because I’m afraid of spiders, I guess. I asked them if they knew Tolkein wrote the Hobbit as a children’s story-Yes, with orcs and … Continue reading

Christmas Eve in the Woods

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. šŸ™‚ This is a true story; best when shared.  

Racist Imperialism: Eeeow-where’s we get that idea?

I try to only post pretty encouraging stuff on here, so if this subject is too heavy for you, feel free to skip this. However, it is animated and has its funny moments. šŸ™‚   On Youtube

Leaders Should Listen or the Mountain Chihuahuas Might Get Them

As I study history, I often think, “If the leaders had only listened to the people, they could have avoided all that mess.” But they seldom do, for some reason-and an expression for this is, “The dogs bark and the caravan moves on.” Cute, unless we are the dogs they are referring to…which reminded me … Continue reading

Come just as you are

The Sufi poet Rumi makes me smile and his lines below reminded me of two things simultaneously: 1. The song we sang in church, “Just as I am”…(Oh lamb of God, I come) 2. I also thought of a pastel I made of a little girl, sans clothing, running through a field at sunrise. Didn’t … Continue reading

But What Can One Person DO?!

Have you ever wondered what any one person can do to make the world better? PLENTY. One drop at a time. šŸ™‚ The Bee Tale (on Youtube