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Can’t go over it, can’t go under it, gotta go through it

Running into any obstacles? I am and I’m laughing at my own foolishness, which is a constant source of amusement to me. I always tell people, we can’t fix everything, but maybe we can fix one little thing, so do that thing. So, since Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s last book is banned in the United States and … Continue reading

Relax, float… you will never drown

“Don’t go near the water. Stay away from the water. You could fall in and drown,” they told her. She found her father one sunny morning, gazing across the water. “Don’t fall in, Daddy! You could drown!” He turned toward her with smiling eyes. “Want to know a secret?” he asked. Of course she did. … Continue reading

In the Midst of Life that Wants to Live

Sometimes I stumble upon a quote that is so so simple, profound and beautiful, I can’t get it out of my mind, like this one by Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965): Schweitzer was a polymath, theologian, philosopher and physician who decided that he would devote his life to…Life from the age of thirty on. He set up … Continue reading

The Croaker Hole

  The Croaker Hole tormented me They said it was right where the smaller river joined the St. Johns And I could see it from my kitchen window They said it was a cold, clear spring boiling up under the warm tea-stained, sluggish waters of the broad St. Johns         They said … Continue reading

Two steps toward a healthy self-image

Are you an expert on conflict resolution? Of course, you are or you never would have survived first grade. She cut in line! No, I didn’t. You got out of line. OK, you go first today, but I go first tomorrow. O.K. And you have resolved millions of conflicts since first grade. That’s why I … Continue reading

I don’t know how to sell books

How are you doing today? Good, I hope. Are you a good sales person? I really suck at it. A friend came over and I gave him my two new books, “Little Smarties Comics” (Critical Thinking for Beginning Readers) He reached in his wallet and I said, “Oh no, I want to give them to … Continue reading

How to Tick off a Racist

Hello! How is you week going? Good, I hope. What are you working on these days? I’m working on a video series on human nature, spanning the past 100,000 years-in cartoons– with my standup philosopher commentary. In line with my eternal quest to stay dirt poor, I plan to post them on Youtube, so people … Continue reading

We are all tribal

You may have noticed references in passing news stories that tribes are still very important in the identities of people in say, Libya or Afghanistan. Tribal chieftains still settle conflicts in tribal councils and tribes form alliances and war with each other. It is always interesting to see how different societies structure themselves and would … Continue reading

Triumph of the Human Spirit: Symphony in Hell

Do you like music? Who doesn’t? I find great music a bit overwhelming myself. I once went to hear the London Symphony and had to leave at intermission, I was so overwhelmed by that much beauty. In my defense, I wasn’t the only one in the audience crying like a baby. In WWII, Germany invaded … Continue reading

What? No Santa Claus? Our First Encounter with a Conspiracy

I remember the day clearly. It was sunny and cold, I was eight years-old and entertaining myself outside sorting my bottle cap collection. Note: bottles used to have caps that had to be pried off, leaving behind colored metal discs with logos.)  My cousin Richard came outside and somehow the subject of Santa Claus came … Continue reading