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STOP THAT “Share-or you will go to hell” stuff

I try (not always successfully) to limit my criticism to groups to which I belong. I mean, “not in my name,” right? I am American, so I can criticize bad things America does, because “not in my name.” I am Polish and have been distressed that Poland has been misbehaving. Hey Poland, “not in my … Continue reading

The Legend of Jack Napkin

Sitting at the Thanksgiving table, surrounded by grand children, thinking, “Life doesn’t get any better than this…” Maddy age 7: “Neena! You have sweet potato on your fingers.” Me: “Oh, no, whatever can I do?” Maddy: “Get a napkin, silly.” Me: “What is a napkin?” Maddy: “They’re right on the counter. You use them to … Continue reading

Pope Francis is the real thing

I attended a top-notch Catholic high school on a scholarship. Our teachers were nuns with PhD’s, some Jesuits with advanced degrees and my Latin IV teacher was a Rhodes scholar. When people say Christians are anti-science or anti-education, I have to laugh. We had the best-equipped science lab I have ever seen in a school … Continue reading

Art Versus Politics

Art is seeing through and making what we see visible to the rest of humanity. Politics is the process of power-sharing (or not sharing, as the case may be.) You can see that art may be a threat to politics. I used to be surprised that repressive regimes quickly arrest the artists, then try to … Continue reading

Plato vs Aristotle: Place Your Bets

If you like to really dig into philosophy, you can do so at the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, but be warned, Aristotle said, “Philosophy can make people sick.” Alternatively, you could watch historian-comedian Mark Steele’s lectures on Youtube, where he laments that most people think of the Monty Python song when they hear Aristotel’s name: … Continue reading

Naked Dignitaries

Would we listen to Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Clarence Thomas if they were naked? How much difference does a uniform, a lab coat, or a judge’s robes make in how much we respect someone? I noticed that all kings and chiefs wear a special sort of hat so everyone knows how important they are. … Continue reading

The Squanto we never knew…

Originally posted on Truth Scooper:
Squanto-we never knew you I said it before and I’ll say it again: Truth is always more knobbly and interesting than that tasteless gruel they serve up in our schools as U.S. History; a subject most students regard as the most boring they are forced to endure. But how can…

Anything you think can and will be used against you

How are you? Good, I hope. I am trying a new thing and if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, I would be most grateful if you would share them with me. 🙂 Video 1: Human Beans Series  

The art of seeing through…to what is real

DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE STRESSED RIGHT NOW. It’s kind of deep. 🙂 Are you good at math? If so I admire you, as I admire someone who can play the piano or speak seven languages. Maybe more; with a lot of effort I could learn to play the piano or speak seven … Continue reading

Being Poor in America

“Hey, come to the store with me,” my 20-something visitor said brightly. “You go ahead, I’m working on a project,” I answered. “No, I need you to come with me,” she said. I knew she had been going through a hard time and sometimes we just like to have another human around, so I put … Continue reading