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Is there such a thing as “bad people?” Short answer: Yes

How are you doing? Good, I hope. I often try to figure out how I can be of help to the rest of my fellow humans, especially as I get older and sense “time’s winged chariot hurrying near.” What do people need? Have I learned anything that could be helpful to others? People are scared, … Continue reading

The Road of Life Winds Upward

How is your week going? Good, I hope. 🙂 According to cognitive researcher George Lakoff, we think in metaphors; it is the only way we can think. Life as a road, a path, a way is a metaphor we instantly grasp. The Bible says, “The road of life winds upward for the wise…” and sometimes … Continue reading

I Laughed ‘til I Cried When I Read “International Law as Applied to the U.S.”

I know, I know it’s highly unlikely that a 900-page book by a legal scholar could be anything but a yawn, but trust me-it has both its horrifying and hilarious moments. I admit a fondness for the Rule of Law, mostly because I think it’s the best we can do. For that to work, of … Continue reading

Faces in the Fence: The Board Members

Please tell me you do this sometimes! My neighbor wisely built a fence which stares at me whenever I sit on my front steps. I stare right back. At first I tried to ignore the faces in the fence, you know what I mean-those patterns in wood grain that look like things. I gave up … Continue reading

Makin’ Bacon

Originally posted on Truth Scooper:
You may have noticed that people are generally resistant to change. That is why it is always fascinating when whole populations change attitudes or eating habits relatively rapidly. How does that happen? That happens, as far as I can tell, only with fairly intense ad campaigns, aka lobbying aka propaganda.…

No, kids are NOT getting dumber.

I often hear that we humans are being deliberately “dumbed down” by nefarious forces who prefer for us to be dumb. They are doing this by chemtrails and flouride in the water and TV-maybe by vaccines and GMOs. Now the people saying these things are NOT dumbed down apparently, because they have the scoop on … Continue reading

Food Wars: Assassination by Swiss Cheeze

The Dear Leader of North Korea, 31 year-old Kim Jong-Un, has been hospitalized since September and his sister is ruling in his place. Kim is suffering from gout, reportedly brought on by his addiction to Swiss cheese. Well played, Switzerland, you have incapacitated one leader of the Axis of Evil simply by making tasty dairy … Continue reading

On Healthy Boundaries: Saying “No”

How is your week going? Good, I hope. I’m always honored when a young person asks my advice, especially on something as personal as relationships. So when it happened yesterday, I was careful to listen much and speak little, since I know so little. I may only know two things about relationships: If you love … Continue reading

But what can we do? Un-Learning Helplessness

Gravel crunched under the tires as we navigated the long winding drive under the arching oaks, with their Spanish moss garlands waving gently in the breeze…I arrived at the Ocala Thoroughbred farm around 10 AM, to take advantage of the good light for a portrait of their star stallion. The groom was supposed to meet … Continue reading