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Happy Halloween and How is Your Week Going?

Are you dressing up this Halloween? Dressing up is something we humans have been doing for…ever? Way before we started farming anyway. We do it because its FUN. For those purse-lipped Puritans who say Halloween is pagan and should be shunned, I say lighten up and grab any holiday you can. Getting together with loved … Continue reading

Painting a portrait of Greed

I’ve been studying usury, aka charging interest, aka four easy payments of $19.95-something we totally take for granted as normal. But for about 1,700 years, Christians said usury was a SIN, a big fat sin, for which you could go to the fourth circle of the Inferno, according to Dante, and roll stones around for … Continue reading

Halloween in the old days

When days are bright and the air is spicy, when red and gold leaves are falling like giant flaming snowflakes and crunching underfoot, when the year is dying all around you in a blaze of glory-what cruelty to be locked in a brick school building all day long and miss it all. Halloween was the night we got … Continue reading

What are clowns so dang creepy?

Free hugs! What d’ya say? They’re FREE! Were clowns always creepy or did they become creepy when they were turned into stars of horror movies? Is there something just inherently creepy about painted white faces with big fake red lips drawn into big fake smiles? I never liked them since I first saw some at … Continue reading

Funny the things we remember…

Yesterday was my grown son’s birthday and I wanted to express to him, somehow, what a plus he has always been in my life. I thought back to the day he was born and a strong image of the view out my hospital window filled my mind’s eye. He was born in Hickory, N.C. at … Continue reading

Sometimes I say really stupid things…

Sometimes I say really stupid things. In my defense, when I do, my inner smarter person immediately pipes up, “Now, that was REALLY STUPID.” Yesterday I had been reading The Thirteenth Tribe, about the Kahzars, and was right in the middle of being outraged about the Vikings stealing Slav girls (they sold them- that’s where … Continue reading

Science says atheists don’t exist

Science says atheists don’t exist, they just choose a different Ultimate Value than others. The god that I hear militant fundamentalist atheists rail against is a big old dude, riding on the clouds with his finger poised over the “Smite” button. They don’t like him. I don’t either. This is the old sky god that … Continue reading

Caves: the Womb of Mother Earth

Do you like caves? They are kind of numinous, magical places, silent except perhaps for dripping water, dark, leading we know not where. Our ancient ancestors felt the same, except that they had a pervasive idea that the earth was their mother (it kind of is, if you think about it) so to enter a … Continue reading

Women who stand up for what’s right

How is your week going? Good, I hope. This morning while fighting off a migraine (I won!) I listened to a lecture by Sheik Imam Hossein on Youtube-no, not because I’m a Muslim, but because he has a comforting voice, is rather brilliant and often funny. Oh, and we are both big fans of Jesus … Continue reading

Take a Trip: Our Precious Earth from Space

“When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, The moon and the stars, which You have ordained; What is man that You take thought of him, And the son of man that You care for him?…Psalm 8:3,4 When my youngest was two, she pointed up at the night sky, “What?” she wanted to … Continue reading