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God, Science and the Problem of Evil

This post is in response to a twitter conversation. As you can imagine, it is difficult to discuss deep issues in 140 characters. Obviously what follows is my opinion, but then everything we think is our opinion, so here goes. The contention was that since God cannot be proven by science, God is not real. … Continue reading

A drunken bum was sleeping on the church lawn…

This is a true story. 🙂 One Sunday, arriving a bit early at church, we saw a bum sleeping right on the front lawn, cap pulled over his face, booze bottles scattered around. We walked past him into church. “We have to say something to that guy,” I told my husband. “He’s sleeping, he probably … Continue reading

Does Being Good Pay Off?

    What do you think? Does being good pay off? Or is that the wrong question, because “virtue is its own reward”? Does what goes around come around? Including good stuff? Do we reap what we sow-plant cabbage and cabbage comes up, plant corn and corn  comes up, plant good things and good things … Continue reading

The “sexy” generation gap

My daughter Autumn Blessing posted this photo of my grandson Carlo and I immediately thought, “Ah, the Marlon Brando essence.” I told her this and she asked if I was referring to the fat guy in The Godfather? Obviously, what we have here is a “sexy” generation gap.               … Continue reading

The Woman in the Water

While we in the West insist on dividing stories into “historical fact” and “superstitious nonsense” neither category is as airtight as we would like to think. As a Christian, I am not about to start worshipping nature deities, but I agree with those Christian literary geniuses J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis: stories passed on for … Continue reading

What do runway models think about?

I mentioned in an earlier post that my daughter, Mica, was being pursued by modeling agencies. She is obviously very pretty, but so were my other two daughters and I kind of thought they had more substance than just their beauty, so I never looked into marketing it. And perhaps that is just a rationalization-I … Continue reading

I’m in love with the inflatable flailing-arm man

Do you love inflatable flailing arm men? Those thirty-foot balloony things whipping around in front of car dealerships? For me, it was love at first sight. So happy and free and…silly. When I was a CEO I tried to talk my Board of Directors into getting one to advertise a project we were doing, but … Continue reading

What a Difference Love Makes

The last time I visited my seven year-old grand daughter Madeline, she dragged me into her room, as usual, so we could swap secrets. She pulled out a little photo album I had given her with excerpts from my (then) unfinished book, The Magic Barn. “I take this out all the time and look at … Continue reading

Who is Responsible for Your Learning? How about TEACH YOURSELF?

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” – Albert Einstein “He is a very smart man. He is an autodidact.” This rare comment was uttered by a man with two PhDs. Have you ever noticed that when a speaker is introduced, they always list for the audience the speaker’s college degrees? Because otherwise, … Continue reading

Who Me? Confessions of a Lousy Pray-er

I am a very lousy pray-er. My mind wanders during memorized prayers and although I attended a Catholic high school where we prayed before and after each class, over 10,000 prayers in four years, I cannot remember a word of them. In fact, I confess I only prayed sincerely right before a math test. That … Continue reading